Corporate Profile

Cordlife Group Limited at a glance

Listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange ("SGX"), Cordlife Group Limited ("Cordlife", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") is presently a service provider of umbilical cord blood and cord lining banking. The first cord blood bank to be set up in Singapore (May 2001) and amongst the first in Asia, Cordlife Group Limited has more than 16 years of cord blood banking experience as well as a published track record of cord blood transplants.

The Group currently owns and operates full processing and cryopreservation storage facilities across Asia, namely in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Cordlife’s processing and storage facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong and India are AABB accredited and by late 2015, the Singapore facility achieved accreditation from FACT, placing the Group as one of the six international private cord blood banks that hold accreditations by two world-class standards. Besides being the first private cord blood bank in Southeast Asia to enjoy the dual-accreditation status, the Group also extends its products and services to families in the region through its associate in Thailand, sub-licensing partner in China and marketing agents in Vietnam and Myanmar.

About Cordlife India

Cordlife India is a fully owned subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited. The India Laboratory is AABB accredited and operates the most advanced umbilical cord and cord blood processing, testing and cryopreservation facility in the country, with a storage capacity of 150,000 cord blood units scalable by another few lakh units. The state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with the latest and the most modern equipment such as Swiss-made SEPAX® 2, a fully automated stem cell processing technology, in a clean-room infrastructure to ensure that stem cells are processed under the most sterile conditions. Located within a natural calamity proof building, the facility is also built with continuous power backup and round-the-clock surveillance system. Cordlife operates in more than 210 cities across India, making it one of the largest stem cell banking companies locally.