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Educational Flash Cards

Download and print flash cards for your baby

Using Flash Cards is the most effective way of teaching a baby to recognize pictures and words. It trains their ability to recognize objects, colours, shapes, animals, and link the pictures to names and sounds. The use of both visual pictures and audio sounds keeps the baby interested and helps them learn faster. Try out these flash cards and help your baby grow!

How to use Flash Cards:

  • One set of Flash Cards should be of the same topic. For example, one set on different fruits, a separate set on animals, etc.
  • The pictures should be big, clear, on a simple or plain background such that it is easily seen and identifiable.
  • Show each card for a short period of time, quickly, as fast as one card per second.
  • Only show one card at a time.
  • Stop when the child's interest appears to be shifting.
  • Practice showing flashcards beforehand.
  • Show love and enjoyment and your child will feel it too.
  • Do it when your child is in a receptive mood.
  • Try to avoid having distractions like toys around.
  • Announce that you have something to show.
  • Be lively and animated while displaying the cards.
  • As with all teaching sessions, encourage and praise the child periodically.

Click the links below to download different categories of cards:

  1. Printable cards from BrillKids (topics like Animals, Colours, Fruits, Nature, Vegetables)
  2. Beginner Word Cards
  3. Intermediate Word Cards

Music for fetus and baby

The fetus in the womb has already started developing a sense of hearing and notices what happens in the outside world. Having gentle peaceful music helps sooth both mother and baby, leading to a more enjoyable pregnancy. Who knows, your child might even grow up to be a music prodigy!


Boy or Girl?

What ultrasounds and other observations can tell us

Although we need ultrasounds and genetic tests to determine the gender of the baby accurately, there are other fun predictive methods that you can try out! Of course, there's no guarantee that it'll work =)

  1. 5 fun ways
  2. PredictSex
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