How To Preserve Your Eggs To Delay Your Pregnancy?

preserve egg for future use

Egg freezing is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. This has gained popularity in the last 5 years.  Healthcare professionals involve hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, in this process and follow it with retrieval and storage of viable eggs. This technique improves the chances of pregnancy even if the pregnancy is delayed.  Once you are prepared to […]

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Pilates During Pregnancy—How Beneficial Is It?

benefits of pilates during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is important. Research reveals exercising during pregnancy can keep away problems such as gestational hypertension, reduce labour duration, and give you a better chance of normal delivery. In addition, exercise benefits during pregnancy include better mental health and lower incidences of post-natal depression. Pilates for pregnant women is a simple, safe, and […]

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Rib Pain During Pregnancy—Is It A Cause For Concern?

pregnancy rib pain

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that a mother-to-be and the baby embark on together.  During this phase, your body expands to make space for the growing baby, triggering major bodily changes and causing discomfort. As your organs get pushed by the growing uterus, you may experience rib pain during pregnancy. Many pregnant women who experience […]

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Late Implantation Bleeding: Can It Affect Your Pregnancy?

Late Implantation Bleeding

Late Implantation bleeding occurs during early pregnancy and stops on its own after one or two days. Typically, implantation occurs between six and 10 days after the fertilization of the egg. At this time, many women experience spotting and light bleeding. However, in some cases, implantation occurs later, well after 10 days have passed. This […]

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