Treatment for Sickle Cell has found a destination with Baby Stem Cells

This is the story about Kamsiyochukwu Bryan Peter Ezenwa   Kamsiyochukwu was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia, when he was two. As a part of conventional treatment, the child went through blood transfusion and other kinds of medical treatment methods, leaving the child further deteriorated in health. Unable to see Kamsiyochukwu in pain, the child’s […]

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Easy Ways to Soothe Your Irritable Uterus


Untimely contractions are natural during pregnancy. The problem starts when the frequency of the contraction increases. Sometimes, you may feel an unnatural tightening of the uterus. This could be the handiwork of an irritable uterus. In this condition, you’ll notice that your contractions are stronger and more frequent than Braxton-Hicks contractions as well. However, they […]

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Is Heart Disease During Pregnancy Posing a Risk To Your Unborn Baby? Know How to Deal With It

Heart Disease During Pregnancy

Women of childbearing age suffer from an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) during pregnancy. In fact, up to 4%1 of pregnancies have cardiovascular complications, giving rise to several changes in the maternal circulation, which may not positively affect the heath of the mother and the unborn baby. But, it’s important to know how pregnancy […]

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