Control Your Pregnancy Cravings with Some Healthy and Tasty Options

pregnancy cravings

You’ve sailed through your first trimester battling with morning sickness, fatigue, breast soreness, etc. Once the fog of the early stages of pregnancy has passed, and you’ve entered the second and third phases, the shift in the pregnancy hormones is responsible for making you swell, gain weight, and change your appetite. So much that, you […]

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India Ranks 3rd in Blood Cancer: Can Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant Be a Ray of Hope?

india ranks 3rd in blood cancer

Every year, nearly 1.5 million cancer cases are recorded in India. Research further has it that India ranks 3rd in the world as cases of cancer, are concerned after the USA and China, raising a serious concern for public health. In the last decade, a fast-developing economy like India has had an exponential rise in […]

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Can’t You Wear Heels During Pregnancy? Find Out

wearing high heels during pregnancy

Remember looking oh-so-gorgeous wearing those beautiful dresses and stilettos and nice-pointed- heels at parties and other occasions?  These mainly were common in your pre-pregnancy days. Now that you’re pregnant it’s been quite a few months, and wearing heels according to your healthcare practitioner may not be a very good idea for you. But do you […]

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