Cholestasis in the Third Trimester: The Causes and Treatments

Cholestasis in Third Trimester

Nausea, swelling, tiredness, depression, and anxiety in pregnancy are undeniable. But, OMG! You scratch your hand! You rub your feet. Eew! Now scratch all over the body. Such symptoms are the symptoms of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (cholestasis during pregnancy), a rare challenge that occurs later in pregnancy. Intrahepatic Cholestasis in Pregnancy???!!! The liver produces […]

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Morning Sickness Myths Debunked

morning sickness

As you embark on your motherhood journey, you’re already experiencing changes, such as tender breasts and frequent bathroom trips. Although there’s nothing of these that you can’t handle, until you wake up and start feeling dizzy, queasy, and start vomiting. Such a condition is known as morning sickness. A pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness […]

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