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Why Cordlife

Success Stories

Cordlife is proud to help these families in using their cord blood/cord lining/ tissues units stored in various Cordlife facilities for successful stem cell transplantation.

Jaisheel and Archana Chabra

Jaisheel and Archana Chabra, a couple from Meerut, were living a happy life with their daughter like any other family. On the 29th of October, 2016, the family was blessed with a baby boy named Jayant Chabra. Jayant's cord blood was preserved with Cordlife at the moment of delivery. And everything went according to plan. With God’s grace, their family picture has been completed with the arrival of their younger son. The child appeared to be completely normal.

However, the problem began four months after Jayant's birth, when the parents observed that their son was having some challenges that appeared to be significant, and they immediately sought medical advice. The doctor suggested certain tests, and when the results came out, he advised them to get some more blood tests done. The family's entire world was turned upside down when the blood test reports arrived.

The reports suggested that Jayant was suffering from Thalassaemia Major which is a genetic disorderthat occurs due to thedestruction of the red cells of the blood.

The couple had heard of the disorder but had no clue that how come this disorder being detected in their kid and how do they deal with it now. Further tests had been done as per the recommendation of their doctor and the results confirmed that the baby was suffering from Major Thalassaemia at the age of 5 months.

Because they had previously saved their Baby's cord blood unit with Cordlife, they were on their way to find a means to find a cure to the disorder the child was experiencing.During pregnancy with Jayant, his parents contacted Cordlife and had a brief discussion for 4-5 months about the services and benefits of Cord Blood banking and how it could be a life saver in the future if the need arose. They went on to preserve his cord blood with Cordlife.When the child was diagnosed with Thalassaemia, it was time for his parents to return to Cordlife, where his Cord Blood stem cells were stored.The father wrote to Cordlife to explain the dilemma they are in and to seek a solution. Cordlife assured him that they are there for the family and will assist them in any manner possible in accordance with the agreement for the child's treatment. In case of requirement Cordlife will procure the stem cells too by using its best endeavours from the public the bank in case the need arises for the transplantation.

At the time of transplantation Cordlife had sourced the matched stem cell unit for the kid from public repository. The cost of the treatment was very high till 40-45 lakhs. In which Cordlife helped them with that too. Cordlife had provided the client with the financial assistance from the insurance provider as promised.

The transplantation has been successful and the child recovering well.. After 5 years they were relieved and now their kid is living a healthy life.

Cordlife not only promised, but actually followed through on the words it did include in the agreement.As the mother of the kid rightly said - no one has seen the future. But in case the future puts your family in such a challenging situation, you need to have a weapon to deal with it and save your families future. This is an eye opener for all expectant parent and will help them to make the right decision of preserving their baby’s cord blood at the time of birth with Cordlife. So that in near future, god forbids, if any family face such adverse situation, Cordlife will support and help the family using the best possible endeavours as promised.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXh-ivKyks0



“We refused to give up,” said Mr. Hasan and Mrs. Dwi Aprilia as they recalled the time when they found out that their daughter Harumi has cerebral palsy. This proclamation was the source of strength that kept this couple fighting on to nurse their baby back to health.

Nothing unusual happened during Harumi’s birth. Everything seemed fine. Yet, at only a few days old, the little baby experienced her first seizure. The first month of Harumi’s life was the hardest because her parents could not figure out what was happening to their baby daughter. She was only finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy after the family consulted several doctors. Harumi's parents had few options then. Someone told them to accept the reality but they insisted on not giving up and continued to tirelessly search for possible solutions to help their daughter.

When Harumi was born, her parents donated her umbilical cord to a laboratory owned by a friend. Under the advice of this friend, Harumi underwent her first stem cell therapy with stem cells obtained from her own umbilical cord. She was almost three months old at the time. After the therapy, Harumi's condition improved and she had lesser seizure episodes, which stopped eventually.

As Harumi's umbilical cord was not stored under optimal conditions, she only had enough stem cells for one infusion. While Mr. Hasan and Mrs. Dwi continued to search for other viable options, they put Harumi on regular physiotherapy to help develop her sensory and motor functions.

Five months later, a blessing came knocking on the family's door when Mrs. Dwi became pregnant with their second child. Encouraged by the positive result from using Harumi's umbilical cord stem cells, the couple decided to store their second child’s umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord lining as well. This time around, they selected a more well-established stem cell bank - Cordlife - to safeguard their baby son's precious biological resources.

A few months after Harumi turned two, she went through another stem cell therapy using her baby brother’s umbilical cord stem cells, collected and cryopreserved by Cordlife. This time, her parents noticed that Harumi's eyes can properly align with each other and she can visually follow light movements with ease.

The couple's undying perseverance in seeking help for their beloved daughter proved to be fruitful. Although Harumi still requires more interventions, the progress in her health and development gave hope to her parents.

For Mr. Hasan and Mrs. Dwi, Harumi’s unexpected predicament is a constant reminder not take things for granted and to do whatever they can within their means to safeguard their children's health. They also encourage parents of children with cerebral palsy not to give up. “No matter how big or small the chance is, every effort has its own fruit. And maybe, among the efforts, a miracle is waiting to be found,” said the couple.

Kamsiyochukwu Bryan Peter Ezenwa, Sickle Cell Anaemia

At the age of 2, Kamsiyochukwu was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia, a dreadful inherited blood disorder which affects the haemoglobin. Subject to multiple transfusions as part of the conventional treatment led to several complications which further deteriorated his health. Seeing their child’s critical condition, his parents were searching for a permanent cure to this pain and suffering. When they learnt that Cord Blood transfusion could help their child to get rid of this suffering, they planned for another baby in India and on the suggestion of their doctor, stored their 2nd child’s cord blood.

On 21st January, 2020, 8yr old Kamsiyochukwu underwent the transplantation at Apollo Hospital, India with his sibling’s Cord Blood Stem Cells. Before the transplantation, he underwent Chemotherapy to prepare his body for the cord blood transfusion. There were no adverse effects observed throughout the process and the transplant was declared successful. And since the transplant, Kamsiyochukwu has been okay and is leading painless life, back at their native - Nigeria.

Kamsiyochukwu’s mother, Blessing Ezenwa applauded Cordlife for not only safekeeping and timely delivery of the Cord Blood sample to the transplant centre at the time of need, but also for the financial insurance provided by Cordlife at the time of transplant.

Ever since the transplant, little Kamsiyochukwu has been thankful to Cordlife for the new lease of life he received from his sibling’s cord blood.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvcvKWLSh5Y&t=13s



Moinam was diagnosed Thalassemia when he was barely one year old. If left untreated, most of the children inflicted with this disorder do not live beyond the age of 10. Fortuitously, his newborn sister was free from Thalassemia and her cord blood stem cells were a perfect match for Moinam, with small amount of bone marrow to supplement the transplant, Moinam is now in his recovery phase.

"We decided to use a mixture of bone marrow and cord blood cells as it has a better and faster chance of success than only bone marrow cells. Bone marrow stem cells, on the other hand, could lead to Graft Versus Host Disease, triggered by the body's defense mechanism while the transfusion is being done. Not only increase the stem cell count, but also reduce the chance of any complications. It is the treatment of choice in such cases and leads to a complete cure," explained Dr Mukherjee, Medical Director of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute.

Source: The Telegraph, 7 May 2011



Justin (alias) was diagnosed with a common childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, at a tender age of one and half years old. Over the course of 1 year, the child had to endure numerous rounds of high-dose chemotherapy to treat his condition. Chemotherapy destroyed cancer cells, but at the same time also killed normal cells. Fortunately, Justin’s parents had his cord blood stored at birth with Cordlife. The cord blood stem cells were infused back to his body after a course of chemotherapy in January 2011 at Queen Mary Hospital and he was discharged from hospital after 3 months. The cord blood unit used had been cryopreserved in our Hong Kong facility for 29 months. Cordlife is very proud to achieve this milestone in the cord blood banking industry in Hong Kong.


Ray Fu

Little Ray Fu was suffering from leukaemia at a tender age of three. Despite a nation-wide search for bone marrow stem cells, a suitable donor could not be found. Fortunately, baby sister of Ray Fu, Rachel Fu was born during that critical period which enabled the family to store Rachel Fu's cord blood with Cordlife, for Ray Fu's transplant. Now 10, Ray Fu is in school and his leukaemia is in remission.

"We were elated when Rachel Fu's blood was shown to be a 100-per-match for Ray Fu. The healthy cell from his sister re-populated in his bone marrow and revived his immune system," said Dr Tan Ah Moy, Head and Senior Consultant for Haematology and Oncology Services at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital where the transplant was performed.

Source: The Straits Times, 1 July 2004



An accident at birth 2.5 years ago deprived Baby Georgia of oxygen to her brain, resulting in cerebral palsy. The damage to the toddler's brain caused her to move involuntarily, suffer from muscle spasms and have up to 50 seizures a day. It was only after Cordlife put the family in touch with a renowned neurosurgeon that enable Georgia to be infused with her own cord blood, also stored by Cordlife. Her conditions have improved since then.

"Georgia has made good progress since her stem cell infusion. She has better visual focus and eye contact with adults during play. She has more vocalization and tries to 'sing-a-song' by making different sounds to nursery rhymes. Georgia has improved postural and head control and is observed to be reaching more with her arms," said Ms. Jaclyn Tan, Consultant Occupational Therapist at OzWorks Therapy.

Source: The Sun, 3 December 2009


Lucas - Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Lucas (alias), a young boy was active and normal until he turned 10 years old and he was constantly lethargic and had a poor appetite for no reason. He also had significant weight loss with bouts of fever and vomiting and had to go through months of seeking treatments in numerous hospitals in Malaysia. In 2017, he was finally diagnosed by doctors that he had chronic myeloid leukaemia. Thankfully, Lucas’s parents managed to find a match in his younger brother’s cord blood, which they had stored at birth with Stemlife (A subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited). The transplant took place successfully in 2018 and he is in remission currently.

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