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Pregnancy Tips

Things to know about having sex during pregnancy

Is sex during pregnancy safe? What about when your belly and breasts get bigger? The following tips may help answer some of your questions. Here are some reasons you should keep your sensual self in high-gear during pregnancy:

  • Your body is geared up for better, easier sex: increased blood flow to the pelvic area causes engorgement of the genitals and heightens sensation.
  • In-utero massage, a bath of the "love" hormones oxytocin and endorphins, an improved sense of overall well-being -- all products of the orgasmic response. Why wouldn't you give these things to your baby and yourself? By taking the edge off of your exhaustion, negativity and anxieties, sex can induce feelings of calm, centeredness and gratitude which allow for greater love, creativity and success. The positive benefits of a healthy sexuality on an individual and those around them cannot be overstated.
  • Strengthening the vital underpinnings of partnership, regular sexual contact between partners keeps them in tune, maintains a sense of closeness and connection and keeps you in sync. Sex increases your bond with your partner. You’re heading for a magical but stressful time so the closer the two of you are in the run-up to the birth, the better. Couples who focus on regular intimate touch and sensual intimacy communicate more lovingly and mitigate arguments more effectively.
  • Hurting the baby is a common concern, but it shouldn’t be. Your baby is safe in your womb: apart from the barrier of your cervix, the amniotic sac is strong and your partner’s pennies won’t rupture it. Just assure your partner that while you may be carrying his child, you’re still his lover.
  • Okay, when you are in your second trimester and if you are lucky this is the time your sickness subsides; your energy levels rise and the sex drive returns. Many women become orgasmic or multiply orgasmic for the first time in their lives during pregnancy due to hormonal response, vaso-dilation and downward pressure exerting itself on all of your sexual nerves down below.
  • There are some positions which will bring bliss into your sex life while you are at it. Just try and be creative to bring that spice into your love life.
    • Woman on top
      You can go really control the thrust of the movement … like going faster or slower while having a good breathing exercise.
    • Spooning
      It’s like the only position when your partner is not directly penetrating your abdomen. Women find it the most relaxed position during the entire phase of pregnancy.
    • Hands and Knees
      it’s again a very comfortable position because the abdomen is not in direct pressure. Some women find this difficult at the very end of pregnancy, depending on how high they are able to hold their belly off the bed and still allow for penetration.
  • Sex improves immunity and helps you stay healthier. Regular sex results in a 305% higher level of immunoglobulin A. This key component in your body has the ability to ward off diseases and can be enhanced dramatically by engaging in sexual activity at least once or twice a week. It can ward off heart disease, stroke, cancer and act as a natural remedy for colds and flu. Who wouldn't want to enjoy these health benefits?
  • Does sex really help you get your labour started? There are some truths to the idea that semen triggers labour, although the research shows this is not a risk before term. Intercourse- or giving oral sex can be one way to induce labour if you are overdue and much more fun than an induction drip.
  • What if sex isn't enjoyable? There are many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. While some sexual relationships may improve during pregnancy, others may stagnate or suffer. The best approach is to be open with one another about your feelings, needs and expectations.

    This may be an ideal opportunity to build on your sexual relationship, explore each other and find new ways of giving each other pleasure. The best way to overcome difficulties is to spend time talking. Try to build security and a feeling of closeness by focusing on your love for each other rather than just your sex life (or lack of it!). Chances are if you feel intimate and close, satisfying lovemaking will follow. It might be a good time to indulge in a loving, sensual and erotic massage to set the mood!
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