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Pregnancy Tips

Books to read when you are expecting

As soon as you know you are pregnant, you may receive lots of advice from friends and families. However, not all of the advice are factually correct and reliable. For more reliable resources you can turn to doctors, pregnancy-related websites and pregnancy books. Nothing beats the age-old book for easy accessibility and usage. There are a wide variety of them to choose from. Most of them are authored by medical experts or experienced mothers.

Chicken soup for the expectant mother's soul

Mothers all over the world are a symbol of strength and unconditional love and chicken soup books signify endless tales and stories of just that. As one turns pages of the chicken soup it takes the readers through the memory lane of the days where one can actually feel from the protagonist’s point of view. For all expecting mothers this just might be the book to feel that strength and passion again.

You can read some excerpts from this book here.

The working woman's pregnancy book

Dr. Marjorie Greenfield draws from her experiences as an obstetrician and working mom, and from more than a hundred interviews with mothers ranging from factory workers to high-powered attorneys, to create a unique resource for working women. Dr. Greenfield includes checklists for multitasking working moms-to-be, helpful illustrations, stories and advice from experienced mothers and information on everything from planning a pregnancy to balancing life after the baby is born. The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book is an invaluable expert resource that will inform, reassure, and empower any working woman throughout the miraculous journey of her pregnancy.

The Mother of all Pregnancy Books

A book for all mothers an ultimate guide to everything and anything. Author Ann Douglas has provided an epic in its own standards, she breaks down everything for you from the day you get to know you are expecting to the big day. She nails this one for everyone fathers' and mothers' important decisions, problems, you name it she has it all answered. There are tips on preparing your body for pregnancy as well as providing practical advice on how to increase your chances for conceiving quickly. The top ten worries for each trimester -- with a hefty dose of reassurance. A glossary of pregnancy -- and birth-related terms. A sneak peek of life after baby is born. This book is the manual for those looking for real-world advice to help them throughout all the stages of pregnancy, from conception to birth! 

You can read some excerpts from this book here.

The Mother of all Baby Books

"The Mother of All Baby Books" is the instruction manual that Mother Nature forgot to include with the new arrival -- a hands-on guide to coping with the joys and challenges of caring for your new baby. "The Mother of All Baby Books" offers: the straight goods on what it's really like to become a parent a frank discussion of the top ten worries of new parents, the facts you need to make up your mind about breastfeeding, circumcision, immunization and other important issues with comprehensive answers to all your baby-related questions.

Read some excerpts of the book here.

Dad's Pregnant Too!

This is a first-of-its-kind guide written by Harlan Cohen for expectant fathers, but also intended for couples. From the first positive test, to the first time seducing your pregnant partner, to the first push, to the first week home following the birth, Dad's Pregnant Too! The book exposes and explores everything an expectant dad needs to know (but no one ever tells him). Dad's Pregnant Too! is the most comprehensive guide to help expectant fathers understand their partners, themselves, and what's really going on inside her belly.

Read some excerpts of the book here.

A Child is Born

Linden's long-established natural care book offers an important additional dimension. In clear, accessible language he explains what newborn babies and small children need to harmoniously develop the full potential of body, soul, and spirit. Based on a broad perspective, he offers many practical suggestions. Beginning with the growing embryo during pregnancy, the author guides the reader through the birth; the postnatal period and breastfeeding; care of newborn babies; meals for babies; and caring for children when they are sick.

You can read some excerpts from this book here.

The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby

Having a baby is one of life's most joyous-and overwhelming-events. The choices you make now will affect your baby's health long after it is born. How should you change your lifestyle now that you are pregnant? How can you be sure that your baby is developing properly? What should you expect at each doctor's visit? And how on earth will you survive labour? The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby gives savvy parents-to-be like you a foolproof appraisal of what works and what doesn't - revealing things even your doctor won't (or can't) tell you, with unbiased recommendations that are not influenced by any company, product, or organization.

You can read some excerpts from this book here.

Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide

The book portrays the most up-to-date, comprehensive pregnancy guide, delivering an unforgettable visual journey of developing life. Week-by-week pregnancy format is easy-to-follow, enjoyable to read, and follows the standard development schedule used by the gynecological profession. Detailed descriptions and eight pages of amazing full-colour in-utero photographs guide expectant parents through a visual journey of the monthly changes of their growing baby. Exclusive interactive due-date wheel makes it easy to determine conception date, week of pregnancy, and delivery date.

You can read some excerpts from this book here.

Love you forever

A Children's book that is also a tear-jerker. That's how reviewers describe Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. This short story begins with the birth of a little boy and follows his life. All along the way his mother rocks him and sings a simple verse. "The writing is simple and flows well from one page to the next" as we follow the growth of this child, his mother expressing her undying love for him, and going to extraordinary lengths to do so. Reviewers describe Love You Forever as "must reading for all mothers and especially Grandmothers". Written as a children's book but with a strong message that resonates with all parents, Love You Forever has been known to bring tears to the eyes of grown men as the parent child relationship evolves and turns over the years.

You can read some excerpts from this book here.

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