Baby 360 Degrees - Online Pre-natal & Post-natal Care Programs

Baby360degrees pioneered by Sonali Shivlani, India’s leading Pregnancy and Post Natal Expert, is an Internationally Certified Pregnancy, Lactation and Child Nutrition Counselor. She is the Executive Director of CAPPA India and the Director of the Pregnancy Fitness Educator Program - CAPPA International. This is an online program and you can access it at your own convenience on your phone or computer.

Pre-natal - Pregnancy Care Program
worth Rs. 3000/- FREE of COST

Package Details:
1. Personalised Nutrition for Pregnancy
A consolidated diet and nutrition chart specific to Indian women will be shared with you. However, pregnancy nutrition differ from person to person based on your lifestyle and medical records. Your pregnancy changes will bring about diverse requirements for which individualized online guidance will be provided for every query sent via mail.

2. Pregnancy Exercises
Videos of safe exercises which you can follow at home with the permission of your doctor. Postures as well as exercise routines on your online module.

3. Pregnancy Information Class
A discussion on pregnancy complaints with home remedies, warning signs, myths, lifestyle changes, mood swings, sleep positions and latest developments in the world of pregnancy.

4. Childbirth Preparation (Labor and Delivery)
This online child birth preparation video module will guide you through all aspects of childbirth, from when to go to the hospital, what to pack, what to expect at the hospital, different types of birth, epidural analgesia, comfort measures, labor positions, and breathing exercises.

5. Online Expert Assistance - Email query support
Access to a certified trainer via email to ask all your queries related to the programme.

Post-natal - Mother and Newborn Care Program
worth Rs. 7500/- FREE of COST

Package Details:
1. Child Care
Learn all about your new born from appearance to massage, from diapers to bath, handling the baby to dealing with common concerns. This session has demos for infant massage, practicals for swaddling and much more. It also covers early weeks physical and mental development and activities for parents with their infants to aid brain development.

2. Breast Feeding & Nutrition for Lactation
Getting breast feeding off to the right start, maintaining your supply, expressing and storing breast milk and avoiding the common pitfalls, this session gives you all the information to give your baby the gift of health.

3. Post-Partum Care including postnatal exercises and nutrition
Dealing with the 40 days post delivery, myths, post natal food, post natal exercise, weight loss and finally baby blues and how to deal with it.

4. Online Expert Assistance - Email query support, WhatsApp query and support Group
Access to a certified trainer via whatsapp and email to ask all your queries and also chat with other new moms.

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