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Why Cordlife
Why Cordlife

Expert Management of your Baby’s Cord Lining

celloptima logoWith CellOptima™, you will receive the following assurances:

  • Optimal Condition Assurance

    Using CellOptima™ proprietary cell biomarker verification, your baby’s cord lining will be tested after 4 weeks of cryopreservation. During this process, sample segments of the frozen cord lining will be thawed and MSCs and/or EpSCs will be harvested according to your choice of storage plan. This verification step is important as it helps ensure that your baby’s cord lining has been properly stored and can be used for future medical treatments. The objective of this process is to validate the following:
    • Cell type/s confirmation using MSC and/or EpSC biomarkers
    • Cell viability
    • Cell proliferation also known as the ability to multiply further
    • Cord lining sterility
  • Explant Purity & Dual Source Storage Assurance

    If you choose to extract stem cells now from your baby’s cord lining - MSCs and, EpSCs both for long-term storage, you will automatically enjoy complimentary storage of the cord lining in its original unexpanded form. This gives your family double access to both expanded stem cells which are “treatment-ready” as well as unmanipulated cord lining that can be used for multiple treatments and possibly the extraction of other cell types not identified today. In addition to CellOptima™ proprietary cell biomarker verification, the tests below will be done on the expanded stem cells to ensure that they are viable and safe for use.
    • Count of cells
    • Cell sterility testing
    • Endotoxin analysis
    • Mycoplasma analysis
  • Usability Assurance

    Both MSCs and EpSCs harvested with CellOptima™ have been used successfully in human clinical applications. This gives you peace of mind knowing that what you are storing today, can really be used in the future to help your family.
  • Technology Accessibility Assurance

    As long as you remain a cord lining client of Cordlife, you are a guaranteed member of Global Cord Registry. As a member, you will have automatic access to CellOptima™ for the isolation and expansion of MSCs and/or EpSCs to support medical treatments. This membership is only granted to Cordlife clients in India.


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