Cord blood collection process (real cord blood)

Cordlife is your partner for life. We ensure that you and your family have a long, healthy and happy life by preserving life-saving cord blood.

Each step of the umbilical cord preservation process is critical. The major emphasis is on the cord blood collection process.

The journey begins with a triple bag system, which is used to collect the blood due to its ease of use and low rate of bacterial and fungal contamination risk. Once the baby comes into the world, the umbilical cord that connects him to his mother is safely removed. The doctor then swabs the cord with the help of iodine sticks to clean it. A sterilized needle is then injected into the vein of the cord and the blood is pumped out into the triple blood bag. When the flow of the blood stops, the doctor triple knots the tubing to restrict blood leakage. The bag is finally labeled and sealed in a biohazard bag. This is then forwarded to the Cordlife facility for processing, testing and storage.

So, ensure that you gather information well in time for your baby’s birth and preserve the umbilical cord to secure your family’s health.