Things To Do When You Become a First-Time – Dad: Surprising Tips and Advice

Are you going to become a dad for the first time? 😊

Ahh! Look at that smile on your face! This is a unique and unparalleled happy experience for you.

But it is daunting for you, at the same time. Isn’t it so?

After all, your partner is pregnant. Just like it is new for you, everything about it is quite new for you. You’re sympathetic, but still clueless as to how to go about it.

So, with Father’s Day knocking at the door, here are a few exhilarating ideas curated for you to help with the things that you might need to do as a daddy-to-be before your baby’s arrival.

Take Mental Preparation

Your pregnant wife will experience several physical and emotional symptoms like morning sickness, swelling, mood swings, etc. Along with your wife’s emotional upheavals, you’ll also feel the emotional rollercoaster. You may not be pregnant, but that does not mean you can’t be a part of the process. So, read plenty of books and journals as well as online newsletters on pregnancy. These papers will tell you many things about your pregnancy, and types of deliveries – vaginal and emergency c – section.  Join the antenatal classes along with your wife. Involve yourself in plenty of activities –  prenatal yoga, and meditation to combat your emotional ups and downs and to keep yourself calm. Along with this, think about picking a hobby like playing the guitar or cooking for your wife, just to keep yourself distracted.

Choose the Right Kind of Lifestyle

If you’ve been smoking, and are on an unhealthy diet, in your pre-fatherhood days, refrain from them right now! (Getting exposed to smoking, and drinking, while your wife is pregnant is evidenced to heighten your baby’s risk of birth defects). Adding on to this, change your eating habits. Fuel your platter with a nutritious rich and balanced diet. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Look for Fellow Dads–to–be and New Dads

As you’re graduating from being to becoming a father, look for all those dads–to–be in your social circle, and keep a list of questions prepared so that, you can share your doubts and challenges of embracing the journey of fatherhood.  Along with this, you can get help from online groups, as well as those groups where you will get doctors’ suggestions.

Share the Responsibilities

Go to the nearest baby store to get a few baby essentials before his or her arrival to help your wife design the nursery. The shortlist here happens to be a crib, changing table, baby tub, etc. Additionally, after a few years of your child’s birth, you’ll see your little one achieving milestones and becoming mobile quickly. Baby-proofing your home is an essential part when it comes to bringing your newborn to a clean and healthy environment. While you baby-proof your house, keep the bathrooms locked, the cribs safe, and the cupboards and medicines locked. Also, keep a close eye on your pets (Kids and pets can be wonderful). Let your newborn enter a healthy and safe environment.

Try Not to Say “no” to Romance

After all, you’re taking all this trouble for the little one whom your wife is bearing inside her womb. So, why not be a little romantic to her? Take her to a pregnancy-safe spa, where she’s going to get some prenatal massage from some of the trained experts. You could also take her out on a date night or two. Give a hug before you go to sleep  to produce “cuddle hormones.” 

Take Charge of Your Future Finances

Your expenses may tend to rise. Decide on how much to spend and what to spend it on. Make a list at the very beginning. It could be diapers, baby clothes, and bottles to feed your little one after birth.

Feel Sleep-deprived With Her

Pregnancy insomnia is common for your pregnant wife. Due to hormonal changes, as well as frequent bathroom visits, your pregnant wife might feel sleep-deprived. To support her, you might also have to wake up several times at night. In this way, you’ll feel sleep–deprived too.

Share the Idea of Cord Blood Banking With Her

As you proceed towards the pregnancy second and third trimesters along with your wife, you can very well discuss cord blood banking. The umbilical cord blood can be collected after childbirth, and stored for an indefinite period of time, to keep both your little one and your entire family safe from over 80 life–threatening diseases.

The journey of fatherhood may be full of challenges, but it is also a beautiful experience. Just try to practice fatherliness from the very beginning.

Happy Father’s Day to you!