New Dads! You Have A Big Role To Play In Your Baby’s Development

parenting tips for infant

Do you remember as a would-be- daddy how well you connected with the baby inside your partner’s womb? Although we know that: going for the prenatal check-ups with your wife Joining  the antenatal classes together Designing the nursery together Making a birth plan hasn’t been easy for you. But, both of you as parents-to-be tried to meet […]

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Still, Working From Home? Know-How To Changes Gears From Work To Parent?

work from home

Since the coronavirus pandemic has made its appearance, around this world, life has suddenly taken a turn. Out of everything else, work and academics has started following a home-based-online pattern and working parents and children have seen a huge transition in their daily lives. In fact, the thin line between being working professionals and parents […]

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Easy Ways to Soothe Your Irritable Uterus


Untimely contractions are natural during pregnancy. The problem starts when the frequency of the contraction increases. Sometimes, you may feel an unnatural tightening of the uterus. This could be the handiwork of an irritable uterus. In this condition, you’ll notice that your contractions are stronger and more frequent than Braxton-Hicks contractions as well. However, they […]

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