8 Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

When you are expecting a baby, there is so much to do. Making your home a safe haven for your baby is definitely on the list. Enter baby proofing, which is a lot more work than we think. When do you need to do it? Since your baby would start moving around the house at about 6-7 months, you need to get it before that. Some parents even consider getting it done before they deliver since they won’t have time once the baby comes. Here’s what you can do to baby proof your house:

Secure Heavy Objects

A 9-month-old baby can move chairs, open drawers and even use them to climb. Anchor all your furniture to the walls by using straps. This will hold the TV, lamps, frames, vases, dressers or any other items in place. Avoid putting your TV or any other item on your dresser.

Keep The Crib Safe

Always make sure that the mattress fits snugly in your baby’s crib. The slats of the crib should be close enough so that your baby’s head doesn’t get stuck between them. Even though blankets, pillows or stuffed toys look cute in a crib, they are more of a hazard than anything else.

Be Cautious Around Electricity

Plug socket covers into empty sockets to keep little fingers out of them. For sockets that are already plugged-in, use box socket covers. Cord holders will help fasten the wires so that your little one can’t tug on them. Place larger furniture in front of sockets for better protection.

Keep Bathrooms Locked

It’s not advisable to leave your baby alone in the bathroom, as even a little collected water can be a hazard. Adjust your water heater temperature to no more than 120 degrees. Always keep your toilet lids down and keep all harmful cleaners and detergents in secured cabinets. Place an anti-slip mat on the bottom of the tub to avoid any injuries

Use Gates Wherever Needed

Use baby gates around stairs, so that your baby does not fall from them. In case you don’t want to baby proof a particular room, use gates at the entrance instead. Make sure the rails in the gates are close enough, and that the gate is tightly fastened.

Keep Windows Guarded

Install window guards to prevent falls. Do not place your baby’s crib or any other furniture close to any window. Window blinds can be a choking hazard, so make sure that you tie all blinds and keep them out of reach of your baby.

Lock Up Medicines

It’s advisable to keep all your medication in a locked cabinet that’s higher up. You should also avoid taking any medicines in front of your baby, as they may think that the colorful pills are candy.

Keep a Close Eye On Pets

Pet food, especially dog biscuits, can be very tempting for a baby, so make sure that your baby doesn’t consume it. Water bowls for your pets can be hazardous as kids tend to put their fingers or toys in them. Never keep your baby unattended with the pet.

These are just a few tips to baby proof your house. Remember that every object is a toy for your baby’s curious little mind. It may not be possible to keep an eye on your baby all the time, and that’s why baby proofing is important.

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