What Are Antenatal Classes? Are They Helpful For Pregnant Women?

From the time of conceiving to the time of delivery, you might have to face many bitter-sweet challenges, during your pregnancy.

You might also have fears and doubts, based on which, you might you ask many questions like, “Will the spinal epidural be painful?” or “How shall I pick up my baby?”  

So, apart from getting advice from the experienced elders in your family and some of your experienced friends, there are Antenatal or Prenatal classes, which might help you in this scenario.

But What Are Antenatal Classes? 

Antenatal or Prenatal Classes, are basically pregnancy-friendly workshops, which are either conducted around your neighbourhood or in the hospital, where you would deliver your baby. These classes are also conducted online, thus aiming  to prepare you and your partner to help you pass through a healthy pregnancy, teach you the breathing techniques while you’re on  labour and  show you the ways of childbirth.

What Topics Do Antenatal Classes Cover?

Antenatal Classes cover wide-ranging contents. However, they mostly focus on:

  • Taking care of yourself, while you’re pregnant and this might include  the nutrient-rich pregnancy-diet
  • Learning the breathing techniques, while you’re on labour
  • Learning the techniques to relax, during your pregnancy, by including yogasanas, meditation and daily physical activities in your pregnancy routine
  • Following natural remedies to deal with some of the pregnancy discomforts like pain, acidity, swelling and so on and so forth
  • Listening to music and reading to the baby coiled inside the womb and establish a bond with the unborn baby
  • Learning to nurture the relationship with your partner, during this nine-months’ journey
  • Participating in interactive sessions, sharing your problems in the class and getting counselled, thus preparing yourself in every possible way during this phase and till such time that you’ve delivered your baby.
  • Learning how to breastfeed your baby, after-birth. Additionally, learn the benefits of breastfeeding 
  • Learning the baby massaging techniques
  • Knowing how to change the baby’s diaper and swadde your baby

What Are The Benefits of Antenatal Classes?

So, now that you know the table of contents in the antenatal classes, join the one near you now as: 

  • You will get trained and experienced nurses, who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth education
  • You will get to know “all” about the birthing options, and understand their merits and demerits
  • You will be able to recognise the signs and stages of labour
  • Both you and your partner will gain more confidence knowing what to expect during pregnancy, how to deal with the pregnancy challenges and discomforts as well as the way to manage labour 
  • Your partner will also learn to influence you positively, during this juncture
  • Also, there are some pre-natal classes where you will be briefed with the idea to include new-born cord blood banking in your birth plan

So, hit the classes as soon as you enter the third trimester, especially, when the baby is 8 to 10 weeks due. 

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