Preparing Your Baby’s Nursery and Wardrobe

Are you close to your delivery date? The 40 weeks of pregnancy is your opportunity to plan and prepare. When your baby arrives, you are going to be the centre of his/her universe and the nursery his/her safe haven. It is essential therefore that you spend some time preparing your child’s nursery and wardrobe in order to make the environment more comfortable and safe for him/her. Before buying a crib, keep in mind that the safety standards change frequently, which makes it essential to avoid getting a crib that is more than a few years old. The slats must be less than 23/8 inches apart, says a report published by Babble. Here are other essentials that you need to take care of while preparing your baby’s nursery and wardrobe.

For The Nursery

Once you have the perfect crib, you must consider other elements.

  • The mattress of the crib must fit snugly, with less than two fingers of width between the edge of the mattress and the crib side. Get rid of any plastic covering and opt for a firm mattress that holds its shape and remains flat. This is what a post on Johnsons Baby suggested.

  • The environment of the space or room where you are planning to create the nursery must have subdued lighting, little traffic, and no hazards to your baby’s health. Remember that your child will spend most of the time lying on his back, hence bright light may be an inconvenience.

  • Diaper supplies are another thing you must carefully evaluate. You can opt for disposable or non-disposable products that have a water proof feature. Rather than buying in bulk and stocking the diaper beforehand, make it part of your monthly budget, since kids can grow into the next size before you know it.
  • It is a good idea to invest in a baby monitor, so you can know when your baby needs assistance instantly. Make sure to pick a product that does not interfere with cell phone frequencies.

For The Wardrobe

Rather than buying too many clothes before the baby arrives, keep a few necessities in hand and buying more after knowing the gender and size of your baby is the best way to go.

  • Opt for practical and comfortable clothes. Yes, the baggy jeans and t-shirts makes your child look cute, but they are not at all comfortable for him.
  • Check with your hospital and get anything specific they ask you to.
  • Get close to 6 to 8 sleep suits for optimum comfort.
  • 4 wrap over vests and 6 to 8 bodysuits.
  • 2 soft cotton hats and a single sun hat for the outdoors.
  • 2 to 3 cardigans, a jacket or pram-suit.
  • 3 to 4 pair of socks, and the same number of day wear outfits.