Why are Accreditations Important for a Cord Blood Bank?


Internationally accepted and recognized accreditations are important for a cord blood bank. Accreditations certify that the blood bank has been appraised by authorized bodies for competency, credibility, operational efficiency, and quality management of processing and cryopreservation protocols to ensure the safety of the umbilical cord blood stem cells that are being preserved. Accreditations are quality checks to […]

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Breathing Problems in Babies-Things to Know

breathing problem in babies

Breathing problems in babies are more common than we imagine. Most babies suffer from temporary respiratory illnesses caused by varied factors during the first two years. However, some babies have more complex breathing disorders that are either congenital or environmental.  Common Breathing Problems in Babies Numerous things can cause breathing problems in babies. Some of […]

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What is HLA Typing? Why is Important Before Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation?

HLA Typing

Earlier umbilical cord along with the cord blood used to be considered as a medical waste. But, since cord blood has been known to be rich with Haematopoietic stem cells, cord blood stem cell transplantation has come up as an effective treatment procedure with life-saving benefits. However, the effectiveness can truly be felt when the […]

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