Impact Of Physical Disability During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Physical disability in pregnancy

Your physical disability may not interfere with your chances of getting pregnant. Many women with physical disabilities can discourage by their family, friends, and even doctors from having a child. Many people feel that managing physical disability during pregnancy would be difficult for them. Some even fear that disability may get genetically transferred to the child. Other […]

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Umbilical Cord Around Neck: Causes, Signs & Remedies

umbilical cord wrapped around neck during birth

The umbilical cord, a rope-like structure, is the route to love and nurture your baby inside you. Your doctor will scan and see whether the umbilical cord in pregnancy is in good condition. The umbilical cord undergoes several complications. The umbilical cord complications are: Cord prolapse, single umbilical artery,  umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck and many […]

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