40th Week of Pregnancy: The Changes, The Homestretch & What Your Baby is Doing  

40th Week pregnancy

40 Weeks is the average length of a normal healthy pregnancy. However, this can vary from mother to mother. Learn about the changes, progress and preparation you can do for your 40th week of pregnancy. Once you’ve reached the 40th week of pregnancy, that means your wait is finally over and you’ve almost reached the […]

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Prurigo – The Itchy Rashes in the Third Trimester: What Causes it? How to Treat it?


Congratulations would-be-mummy! You’ve reached the last leg of your pregnancy – the Third Trimester! Your due date is knocking at the door, and very soon you’ll be holding a cute, cuddly newborn in your arms. Before you welcome your child into your life, you’d have to welcome the different kinds of Third-trimester pregnancy challenges. You’ll […]

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Planning to Travel During Pregnancy in the Festive Season? Follow these tips

Participating in the “Durga Puja” celebration or “Navaratri”, by pandal-hopping in the crowd may not be a safe take on the baby inside you, during your pregnancy. But, you can make the celebrations soulful by planning to travel with your spouse as well as family. (Remember, you can’t travel alone) You can visit a relative’s or […]

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Tips to Keep yourself stress-free and happy during Pregnancy and After


Embracing motherhood is not an easy task. Besides the beauty of creating another life inside you for nine months, you undergo a range of physical and emotional upheavals. The morning sickness, the cramps, the growing baby’s health, the thoughts about financial adjustments, etc., can make you feel a little down till such time that you […]

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Pregnancy Bone and Joint Pain is Common: Try out these Remedies

As you embark on your most beautiful journey of pregnancy, you’ll find not everything is beautiful about it. You’ll undergo a lot of physical and emotional upheavals. [Run-on confusing sentence. Break it into simpler ones. The soaring pregnancy hormones, developing foetus in the uterus, expanding uterus, shifting center of gravity, and pregnancy weight gain, are […]

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