Mother’s Day – Things To Do Before Your Baby Arrives

This Mother’s Day is going to be very special for you. Your due date is drawing close, and we know that you are super excited to hold your baby in your arms. But, before you could hold your precious little one, your planning for the child is also no less exciting. Isn’t that so? 😊 

Yes! From packing your hospital bag to designing your baby’s nursery, you might have to take on several responsibilities for your baby before his or her arrival and let the child know how much you love him or her.

Here’s the checklist for you and the little one in your womb during Mother’s Day.

Look For a Neonatologists and Paediatrician

This would seem to be the most important requirement after you’ve given birth to your baby. Your baby’s first health check-up would be within a few days after he or she arrives. So, keep your list of questions ready and take his or her advice if anything is bothering your child’s health.  Always remember that your little one’s monthly health check-up is essential.

Babyproof Your House

6 to 7 months after your baby’s birth, your little one will start crawling and moving around the whole house. Therefore, it will always be good for you to start babyproofing your house early on. At least when you still have the energy to do it. But, by the time you enter the third trimester, you might develop the nesting instinct. In your nesting instinct, you might feel like cleaning up and organising everything in every part of your house and making the whole house spick and span. You can always get someone’s help like your partner’s to do up your house. But if you are cleaning the house on your own, just ensure that you’re away from harmful chemicals. Don’t forget to remove power – outlets, and pointed or edgy corners. Making your home a haven for your child is the key, after all.

Design a Room/Nursery For Your Baby

This would become a creative and innovative task both for you as well as for your partner to set up a cute room or nursery for your little one. Your baby will be entering a whole new world, and he or she deserves something special. Isn’t that so? Therefore, you must think about some funky cartoon designs and bright colours for the walls of the room. Also, create a small and sweet space in a well-lit corner of the room with a small cupboard and a baby bed or crib with a mattress. Once this is done, don’t miss out on the diaper changing station. To get some more nursery décor ideas follows:

Keep Your Baby’s Clothes Ready 

After you and your partner have decided on the designs of your baby’s nursery, it’s time for you to prepare your little one’s wardrobe, when you would be able to stuff in your little one’s onesies and other dresses according to days and seasons. You can keep your infant’s dresses, shirts and pants, rompers, etc., handy. Also stock a few socks, mittens, and warm clothes. While you purchase your baby’s clothes or get them as gifts from your friends and relatives, don’t forget to give them a gentle wash. 

Keep Your Baby’s Names Ready 

Your style of deciding your child’s name may be different from your friend’s or neighbour’s. So keep a list of names prepared and sit with your partner or an elder member of your family to discuss it through. Isn’t that exciting? 

Keep Your Pets Ready

If you have pets at home, it may be your dogs or cats, train them how to behave with your infant once she’s home. Here’s how you would train your pets and kids to be together. Think of putting gates to separate the rooms of your pets and the little one who’s on the way.  

Keep The Siblings Ready

If you already have an elder son or daughter, bringing home another kid in the family is a big change in the household. So, introducing your elder one to your younger one is a moment that you’d like to cherish for the rest of your life. Include him or her while you’re planning the colours and designs of the nursery as well as the names of your new one before his or her arrival. You can also give some additional responsibilities to your elder one to make him or her feel how big a boy or girl she would become later.

Think About Cord Blood Banking

Yes! Planning for your child’s healthy future starts long before your baby is born. Therefore including cord blood banking in your birth plan can be an essential decision for you. Cord blood, after all, has lifesaving stem cells which can be instrumental in treating over 80 life-threatening diseases.

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Happy Mother’s Day! 😊