choosing birth plan during pregnancy

How To Make A Birth Plan During Pregnancy: A Checklist For Parents-to-be

You might be making a list of baby birthing plan during pregnancy and for your delivery every day, and might have struck that off thinking the list might be incorrect.

Your big day is not very far away. The list that you might have been creating, is the birth plan in pregnancy. We know that this is the right time to create a birth plan. (A birth plan is a record or a document in which an expectant mother lists her preferences for her baby, her labour and after-delivery process). If nothing is striking you, we’re always there to help you out.

So here are some pregnancy birth plan ideas you might cover:

How To Choose A Birth Plan – Cesarean Section or Natural?

Whether you’re making a c section birth plan or natural birth plan, while making a delivery plan, you might either choose a hospital, or a birthing center which is also known as a maternity home. Delivering your baby in a hospital or birthing center (maternity home) is a common practice where:

  • You’ll get screened properly before your delivery,
  • You’ll get pain medicines readily available for you,
  • The doctors might suggest you induction of labour (if required), and
  • The newborn baby can be carefully monitored.

How To Make A Labour or Delivery Birth Plan?

Clearly write down how would you like your labour to look like. Include everything in the list below:

Position During Labour

Amongst a variety of labour positions, mention whether you would like to walk around or try out different positions of labour – maybe standing, squatting, side-lying or doggy style in your birth plan.

Who Will Assist You at Birth

Most women tend to choose the doctor or an expert who has the training to handle pregnancies, labour and delivery. Moreover, you can have your medical history discussed with the experts.

Choose The Process of Your Labour

Doctors normally follow a common procedure for all pregnant women. So, if your doctor feels that your labour may not take place normally, the expert might recommend you induction of labour.

Choose The Pain Management Methods

Discuss with your doctor and mention whether you need any medicines to reduce your labour pain. The medical expert can also suggest you to go for a relaxation massage, and breathing techniques before childbirth.

What Would Your After-delivery Birth Plan Include?

In your birth plan during your pregnancy, sit and decide with your doctor whether after the delivery of your baby, you want to:

  • Go for cord blood banking as the cord blood is  in rich haematopoietic (blood-forming)stem cells which is used to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases – like blood cancer and sickle cell anaemia).
  • Carry out any cultural ritual right after you’ve given birth.
  • Consult a lactation specialist to understand the breastfeeding techniques.
  • Keep your baby with you for all the time, or if it is fine for your little one to spend some time in the nursery.
  • Understand whether your baby might be needing any medical procedures after the delivery.
  • Keep your baby on your chest for a skin-to-skin experience. This not just helps in relaxing you and your baby, but also helps in regulating your baby’s heart beat and helping in adapting your baby better to the life outside your womb.

Once you’re done with your listing of your different types of childbirth plans, sit with your healthcare provider to review it as the plan might be impacted by his or her recommendation, the hospital or birthing center’s rules and regulations, as well as in cases of emergency requirements.

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