Pregnancy Brisk Walking: How Far Is It Beneficial in Every Trimester

Since you’ve entered your journey of motherhood, the little one snuggled up inside you will get the highest attention from you. After all, his or her healthy growth from the first stage of your pregnancy to the last is your highest priority. So, to keep the life inside you healthy and hearty, you need to adapt to your lifestyle changes significantly. Following a healthy and balanced diet and doing regular exercise are just some of them. Yes! That’s for sure. But, including pregnancy–safe exercises in your routine are a must. Amidst the different types of exercises, brisk walking is an enjoyable, low – impact and ideal activity to make you and the little one inside you healthy.

What Are the Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy?

Simply lace up your sneakers and get going for not more than 30 to 45 minutes a day. You may walk long or short distances to get benefits. So, the benefits of walking include:

Keeps All Pregnancy-related Problems Under Control

You will experience the odds of morning sickness, aches, and constipation during pregnancy from the early stage of your pregnancy to the last. Brisk walking during pregnancy can help you deal with these problems.

Your Weight Will Be Under the Check

Weight gain is quite natural while you’re carrying your little one inside your womb. But gaining too much weight may again put you and the little one inside you through a lot of problems. Walking can keep your weight gain under check.

Lowers the Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Gestational diabetes as well as pre–eclampsia or hypertension are some of the common health conditions that may not positively impact your baby growing inside you. Although you cannot completely deny such health conditions like gestational diabetes and hypertension, by walking you can surely keep both at bay.

Keeps Your Mood Boosted

Starting from getting the nursery ready to buying the baby essentials, you have a cloud of plans inside your head before you hold your little one in your arms. You may lose your sanity as a result. Moreover, pregnancy itself is a reason for you to go on an emotional roller–coaster ride. You can feel pepped up by brisk walking, especially if you walk outside in the open.

Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Frequent bathroom trips, gaining extra pounds in your body, leg cramps, swelling, and pregnancy worries can make you feel sleep–deprived. By walking, you can surely improve your sleep pattern.

Induces Labour Naturally

Simply walking can help the baby in the womb go down the pelvis. The baby’s pressure can dilate the cervix for labour, which further helps in progressing the labour naturally.

How Much Walking Is Good During Pregnancy?

You may wish to walk long distances, but you might just be a little attentive about what your body wants.

  • Suffering from morning sickness in the early stage of your pregnancy can make you feel tired.
  • Walking is good for you. You’ll feel energised. Add 5 minutes to your walking hours every day.
  • When you enter the second stage of your pregnancy, you’ll be more energised, and walking at a brisk pace will motivate you.
  • As you enter the last phase of your pregnancy, your body’s centre of gravity shifts. You also start feeling the pain in the pelvic region. Walking becomes a little difficult, but you still walk. Only, be a little careful of the signs of dizziness as a result of overexertion.

Just make sure that you carry a bottle of water with you. While walking you might feel tired and drinking water or any kind of juice during pregnancy can help you.

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