baby is structurally in shape

Week 11 – Baby is Structurally in Shape

Dear mommies, you had already completed your 10 weeks of pregnancy. So, is the time that you have reached the end of the first trimester of pregnancy which is the 11th week. You must be thinking about your baby, its shape, size, appearance and other things.

Here We Are To Help You With Some Of Your Thoughts

First coming to your baby, at the 11th week your baby is just two inches long and is the size of a caterpillar. The head is larger than the body as the facial bones had developed completely. The ears are carved into seashell shape. Hair starts forming all over the body. Toenail and fingernail beds are in the growth phase which is webbed as similar to a tadpole. The skin has just started to become thick. And your baby had started to move its new facial palate and tongue.

As The Baby is Developing Inside You, Your Body is Also Having Some Changes

Your body is going through various changes, you may find some difficulty in coping with the changes in the body. You may be feeling hungrier than before and your morning sickness will ease away slowly. You might be getting pain in the stomach which is normal during pregnancy. You might be feeling hotter as the metabolic rate of your body increases for supporting the new life inside you. Your baby bump starts growing. It might not be visible but you can feel your clothes tighter than before. There is an increase in bloating, constipation or acidity along with breast tenderness.

Now Below Are Some Tips To Manage This Situation

  • Once-a-week yoga for eight weeks is enough to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression, which in turn lowers her chance of premature birth and postpartum blues. It will also help in reducing acidity and helps in digestion.
  • Bra of good support will help you to get relief from breast tenderness.
  • Love nuts? Keep eating. Enjoying this high-protein snack while pregnant doesn’t put your unborn child at risk of nut allergies — it may actually lower her risk. Also, will reduce your hunger.

Along with all these tips, there are some important points that must be kept in mind. During this time of pregnancy, you must give more attention to yourself and your baby. You must stay away from toxic substances such as cigarette, alcohol, carbonated drinks, and drugs. You must take proper medications as instructed by your doctor. You must be sure about taking all the medications as well as supplements prescribed by the doctor. This will help to nourish the health of you and your baby. Now that you have come to know about the 11th week, stay with us and we will help you know about some other facts about pregnancy.

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