Week 13 – Reduce Your Curiosity About Completion of First Trimester

Congratulations to all the expected mothers for completing first trimester successfully. By this time, Your baby weighs about 25g and is about 7.5cm long from crown to rump.

Coming to the baby, it is important to know that your little one is growing too fast. It had already developed its fingerprints; kidney and the urinary tract became functional and the baby’s skin is covered with fine and soft hairy structure known as Lanugo [3].

Now that you are in week 13 of your pregnancy, the symptoms of the first trimester will be reduced. You must be feeling better as the morning sickness reduces. It will provide you relief the discomfort of nausea and fatigue. However, there are the following symptoms which might increase during this time.

  • You may notice an increase in vaginal discharge which is also known as leukorrhea. This discharge is normal with milky-like structure and mild smelling, which is further to be increased as there is a progress in pregnancy. Leukorrhea is mainly caused by the increased production of oestrogen and an increase in blood flow towards the pelvic region. Secretion of this is anal discharge must create discomfort for you but it is very important as it will help in protecting the vagina from infection.
  • As the skin stretches and the increase in the blood flow will make your veins visible which are located beneath your skin.
  • During this time there is an increase in the hormone secretion which leads to abnormalities in the digestive system. This abnormal it is will further make you bloated and will lead to constipation.

Here are some important things which must be done in week 13:

  1. It is very important for both of you and your baby to have a proper diet. For that, you must maintain a balanced diet during pregnancy. This will provide you complete nutrition that will help your baby to grow and remain healthy.
  2. This is the time when you must remain fit and active. So, to remain active you must do exercises as instructed by your doctor till the time it is comfortable for you. This will help you in providing energy and decreases the risk of complications.
  3. The time when you will start getting stretch marks. To prevent this you can apply lotions which are made up of vitamin E or hydroxy acids. These chemicals are known to reduce stretch marks.
  4. You might have craving for certain foods which are harmful to you and your baby. Try your best to eat healthy foods at regular intervals and avoid eating any packaged or junk foods.

During this time you must take extra care of yourself and your baby. If you experience any kind of abdominal cramps or bleeding then immediately contact the doctor. In addition, if you may also have to deal with depression, anxiety or excess amount of stress, then immediately seek for the doctor.  The doctor will help you to reduce these complications of pregnancy because it may further lead to low birth weight of the baby, premature birth or postpartum depression. So, it is important that follow the advice of the doctor and take supplements of vitamins and folic acid.

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