Know Some Unknown Facts About Pregnancy

“Feeling your baby’s kicks is the best part of pregnancy.”

After missing the period, the first thing an expected mother does is the pregnancy test. And it is the happiest time for her when she gets a positive result. Immediately that pregnant lady visits a gynaecologist for further assistance. Doctor tells her about the details of the pregnancy, condition of her baby, asks her to do some test for examining her body and tells her about the common symptoms of pregnancy.

But there are some facts which are unknown to most of the pregnant women and no one will tell you about those facts.

Here in this blog some of the bizarre facts about pregnancy are mentioned which will make you feel astonished:

  1. The uterus of a normal woman is of lemon size but when she becomes pregnant the uterus grows up to a size of a watermelon which is 500 times bigger than normal.
  2. Due to the extra fluid and retention of water, the feet of a pregnant woman grow up to the size of a full shoe.
  3. When a pregnant woman eats, all of the nutrients are first passed to the baby and leftover nutrients are then passed to the rest of the body. So it is necessary that a pregnant lady must eat more than her normal diet.
  4. During this time the relaxin hormone softens the joints of the bones so that it becomes easy for the hip and pelvic bone to open up for the baby’s birth. But due to the secretion of relaxin, the bones of the body becomes weak and is more prone to breakage.
  5. The baby inside the womb can hear, smell, see and feel all the things in the outside environment. So when you talk, your baby can listen to it and respond.
  6. A pregnant woman starts lactating automatically whenever her baby cries out.
  7. The size of heart of a pregnant mother increases because the body needs more oxygenated blood and the heart has to pump out the blood.
  8. In uterus, a baby girl develops all of her ovum which she will produce throughout her entire life whereas the baby boy develops their sperm only after their puberty.
  9. The dark line on the belly known as linea nigra appears during the pregnancy. However, anyone did not notice that the dark line on the belly is also present in a non-pregnant lady. Only it is noticeable during pregnancy just because of pigmentation caused due to the changes in hormone.
  10. Morning sickness does not happen only in the morning rather it may occur at any time of the day.
  11. A few days after the conception the breasts start preparing itself for feeding the baby. The areola starts enlarging and the nipples get sensitive during this time.
  12. During the first trimester, your body starts storing fat. Then it is stopped during the half of the pregnancy which is then used by the foetus to grow.
  13. Digestion of the woman slows down during pregnancy so that there is a better absorption of nutrients.
  14. During the pregnancy there is a shortness of breath caused due to the pressure in the uterus. As the foetus is growing the diaphragm did not get enough space to inflate and the woman cannot breathe deeply.
  15. However towards the end of the pregnancy the women can breathe deeply as the baby moves towards the pelvis.

Pregnancy is a quite mysterious time for a woman who is becoming mother for the first time. But being a modern lady, the pregnant mother must know all the facts of pregnancy and get details before getting scared of anything weird.

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