Week 10 During Pregnancy – Foetus Has Formed

Congratulations that you had completed your 9 weeks and your baby had attained the foetus stage. This is the time when you have just two weeks left to complete your first trimester and day by day your baby is growing gradually.

As you are in the third month of pregnancy in which the baby had already developed most of its organs. Your baby will acquire strength for its growth but still, there is a long time period to complete its duration of growth.

During this week you might experience various types of symptoms of pregnancy such as:

  • As the abdomen started stretching for the accommodation of your baby, you may feel that you are having pain in your abdomen. This pain is termed as round ligament pain. This pain is generally not noticed although the feeling of this pain is extremely painful. If this pain gets severe then consult with the doctor. However, basic exercises of stretching may give you relief from the normal abdominal pain.
  • There is a continuous growth in the size of the breasts during pregnancy. This occurs due to the increase in the releasing level of oestrogen and progesterone hormone. Oestrogen helps in developing breast duct cells and secretes prolactin hormone. Progesterone helps in supporting the breast muscles and developments of mammary ducts for the production of milk.
  • At this time the morning sickness increases. During this phase nausea and vomiting are the common symptoms for all the expecting mothers. However, the morning sickness will go away by the end of this week.
  • There is an increase in the oestrogen production causes vaginal discharge which is clear and odourless. This discharge is known as leukorrhea. This is very common and occurs to all the mom-to-be. However, if you find any blood with this discharge then contact your doctor immediately.
  • Along with these, there is some cluster of symptoms such as mood swing, fatigue, visible veins and excessive tiredness.

Here you will get to know about some tips to take care of the expectant mother in the tenth week.

For staying fit and healthy, this is the time when you must cut off the intake of caffeine from your regular diet. The reason behind is caffeine does not contribute to providing any nutrition. However, it leads to the increase in blood pressure, heartbeat; leads to dehydration; changes in the pattern of sleep and also change the baby’s pattern of movement.

At this point, you must try to do walk daily, try to lie on your left side and not crossing your legs while sitting. This leads to the increase in the blood flow of your body which will help in preventing varicose veins in your pregnancy.

Once you reach the tenth week, you had almost completed one – fourth part of your pregnancy. Now you must be thinking that it is a very small period of time and you have to go through a lot more. Do not worry just get excited about your baby. It had developed all of its organs and now it is the time when it has already started its growth. So, remain happy and take proper care of yourself and your baby.