Easy Ways To Soothe Your Irritable Uterus


Untimely contractions are natural during pregnancy. The problem starts when the frequency of the contraction increases. Sometimes, you may feel an unnatural tightening of the uterus. This could be the handiwork of an irritable uterus. In this condition, you’ll notice that your contractions are stronger and more frequent than Braxton-Hicks contractions as well. However, they […]

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Why Should A Pregnant Mother Avoid Processed Or Junk Food During Pregnancy?

avoid junk food during pregnancy

Eating healthy and in the right quantum, makes living healthy too. Similar is the theory and practice for the pregnant mothers as well. Due to the fluctuating pregnancy hormones; her cravings are at all-time high. With the convenience of getting processed or junk food at the doorstep, through the food-ordering apps, she also gets the […]

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