Planning to Travel During Pregnancy in the Festive Season? Follow These Tips

Participating in the “Durga Puja” celebration or “Navaratri”, by pandal-hopping in the crowd may not be a safe take on the baby inside you, during your pregnancy. But, you can make the celebrations soulful by planning to travel with your spouse as well as family. (Remember, you can’t travel alone).

You can visit a relative’s or friend’s place – anywhere across the city or outside. Alternatively, just for the sake of enjoyment, you may plan to travel outside the city. Maybe amidst the wavy seas or the cloud-capped mountains,  you, the baby inside you, and your partner can feel cheered up.

Only, remember, wherever you go – the unparalleled pomp and grandeur of the Indian festivities will always remain unaltered.

But, how will you make your pregnancy travel safe during the festivals?

Here’s everything that you need to know about while you plan a trip with your partner and family, during the festive season: 

Travelling By Road During Festivals

If you’re visiting a friend’s or relative’s place, not too far from yours, a car drive may be convenient for you. A car drive will allow you to take breaks whenever you need it.

Not just that:

  • While you’re travelling in a car, you can sit comfortably. But, sitting for long hours with your bulging baby bump, weight gain, and shifting center of gravity can strain and ache your back and legs. You can push your car seat backwards, while traveling, and get enough space to stretch your legs and keep your back pain lower. Don’t forget to keep a pregnancy-safe cushion or pillow along with you.
  • Don’t you just love the colourful pandals, the decoration of lights, and the music, since your childhood? You can still get the same innocent feeling, and smile on your face whenever you’re stepping out of the car to take some rest and enjoy the decorations around you. (Take care of the music that is reaching your ears. While listening to music has its benefits during pregnancy, loud music from the loudspeakers may not be positive for you or the baby inside you). 
  • Carry your pregnancy-safe juices, smoothies, or some cool drinks or a few beverages along with you. Amidst beverages, if you want to have some coffee, keep the coffee intake limited. Try not to have more than 2 cups. Carry a bag of herbal tea along with you too. You can replace the second cup of coffee with herbal tea. Also, take some homemade – snacks for your pregnancy cravings.
  • Wearing comfy cotton maternity wear is the norm, while you’re expecting. While you’re traveling, you must follow the norm. You can manage to look good, at the same time, by making the empire waist dresses your best friend. Funky pieces of jewellery and bags to go with it. You can also wear a pair of nice pregnancy-friendly shoes (but not heels). You can fashionably get down in front of the most well-themed pandals and get a photoshoot done with your partner and if you have a family member coming along with you.
  • Keep your seat belt attached below your belly all the time. Your seat belt shouldn’t hurt your belly.
  • Research your route well in advance, before you start travelling. Keep the route that you’re taking shared with your friend or relative. Keep your location on. If your relatives are aware they will always advise you to avoid the bumpy roads. Jerking is not good for your pregnancy health.
  • Try to visit the bathroom if you feel the urge to urinate (check for cleanliness), whenever you’re getting out of the car to take a rest.
  • Keep your prenatal medical history along with you.
  • Keep your mobile phones always charged. Who knows when an emergency arises, while you’re travelling?

Travelling by Train or Plane During Festivals

However, if you’re planning to meet a distant relative – maybe outside the city, you may have to take the train or flight. Traveling by train or plane may take longer than expected. Take these precautions before you start your journey:

  • Get a thorough round of check-ups done by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Carry a travel kit with you in which you will take your test reports, medicines, identification cards, and cord blood banking kit with you. However, you need to make sure that all the documents are valid till you end your journey.
  • You may not be able to sit for long hours, but getting up and brisk walking around the compartment or aisle of the plane may be beneficial for your leg muscles. Alternatively, you just simply try out a few stretching exercises, while you’re sitting for such long hours.
  • Try to avoid lifting heavy bags as there might be a risk of preterm birth or miscarriage.

Indian festivals are an exchange of love, gifts, fun, and laughter. This is the most joyous time of the year that nobody wants to miss out. You may have embarked on your pregnancy journey, it’s been quite a few months now. It may be a tedious journey and full of challenges, but you can also participate. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned preventive measures for the hassle-free journey that you’re planning. However, you needn’t forget to consult the healthcare practitioner before you start the journey. Happy journey!