9 Best Summer Cool Drinks For Expectant Mommies

Staying hydrated in pregnancy is very important for both you and your baby’s health and development. Not just that! Drinking enough water might help manage some of the common pregnancy discomforts like urinary tract infections, cramps, constipation, and fatigue. Experts suggest you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day during your pregnancy. Moreover, with the temperature slowly rising you can replace drinking by trying to drink some cool drinks during pregnancy.

Drinking Cool Drinks During Pregnancy

Yes! Now that the sun is just showing its strength making the temperatures rise, all the moms-to-be out there ensure that you drink these cool drinks during your pregnancy to save yourselves from the scorching heat.  Here’s are some of the best cool drinks for summer.

Coconut Water As A Cool Drink During Pregnancy

The most nourishing, cool, refreshing, and natural summer drink for you. It has Vitamin B and C in abundance which helps in reducing your heartburn and constipation. With 95% water in it along with salt and sweet in perfect balance, it can naturally help restore the sodium, potassium, and calcium balance in your body.

drink coconut water during pregnancy
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Lemonade Is a Cooler Drink For Summer

One of the really cool drinks during this heat and definitive “yes” for you while you’re pregnant. This helps in detoxifying your body, keeps your nausea under control and your mood in perfect balance. You can drink a glass full of it with a teaspoon of honey and a dash of ginger any time of the day or after lunch that feel-good factor.

Lemonade Juice is Cooler Drink in Summer
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Milk and other dairy products are some of the best sources of calcium. Daily consumption of milk and its by-products ensures your good health and the baby’s all-around development. However, if you’re lactose intolerant or you dislike the taste of milk, try to drink soy milk in moderation (a good source of calcium).

Drink milk during summer while you're pregnant
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Fruit Mocktail Is The Best Summer Cool Drinks During Pregnancy

Enjoy some cool summer fruit mixed drinks like ripe strawberries and lemon juice or orange juice and lemon juice etc. Thanks to citrus juices in fruits that provide you with a good dose of Vitamin C, and help in keeping your skin moist in this heat. Moreover, the natural sweetness of these fruits helps you quench your massive sweet cravings during pregnancy. Ensure you drink the mocktails cool and caffeine-free.

drink moktails in pregnancy
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Fresh Vegetable Juice

You can either make yourself a mixed vegetables juice with carrot, beetroot, cucumber and spinach or you can make individual vegetable juices like only carrot or beetroot juice. Such tasty homemade cold drinks for summer are rich sources of fibre, vitamins, proteins, and minerals and can compensate for two days of your vegetable intake.

Fresh Vegetable Juice in pregnancy
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Intake of fruits and veggies is very crucial during pregnancy. Increase your consumption of soup, especially during the scorching heat of the summers. They are good appetisers for you, adds some taste to your tongue, and fills you up with nutrition like protein, fiber and keeps you energised. So, you can either make yourself some healthy and tasty veggie soups blending carrot, cabbage, onion, tomato, etc.; or you can make some tomato or carrot juice separately.

Drink soup during summer
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Buttermilk or “Chaas” Is The Best Summer Cool Drink

Consuming “Chaas” is a great way to beat the heat. It also helps in preventing pregnancy discomforts like heartburn and constipation, restoring the body fluids, and giving a boost to your gut and mood.  You can make it flavourful by adding salt, sugar and other Indian spices.

drink buttermilk during summer
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Herbal Tea

Consume herbal tea in this heat with a dash of with ginger, tulsi, lemongrass, etc. You might not just have it as a cool drink, but you might also consume it as an energy drink during pregnancy. It boosts your immunity and prevents dehydration.

drink herbal tea
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Can We Drink Glucose During Pregnancy?

Yes! A cool glass of glucose during pregnancy in this heat is very refreshing. Glucose dissolves easily in your body, saves you from dehydration. Glucose drink during pregnancy is also a good energy drink for you. Let glucose be your saviour.

So, all the moms-to-be on the block are you ready to enjoy the above-mentioned easy cool drinks during pregnancy for summers? Although the recommended list is ready up above you, you can also consult your doctor to be absolutely sure.

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