Stretching During Pregnancy: Things You Need To Know

Embracing motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful feelings in your life. But since you’ll also be undergoing several pregnancy discomforts, adopting a healthy lifestyle would surely make your life a lot easier and better.

Therefore, besides having a nutritious balance of food, staying active, basically doing some pregnancy-safe exercises and yoga can help you stay fit during your pregnancy. And out of all the exercises, stretching during pregnancy is one such exercise that is loaded with benefits.

Surprised, as to how stretching can help you during your pregnancy?

Well! Read this interesting article to find out.

So, Why Is Stretching During Pregnancy Necessary?

With the progression of pregnancy, the size of your tummy will be increasing. Your weight along with the weight of the fetus might end up giving you some pain. And back pain is one of the common pregnancy problems. In fact, back pain might give rise to tightening of the muscles, thus making your movement difficult.

So, stretching during pregnancy can help you in:

  • Loosening the stiffness of your muscles, by bringing oxygenated blood into your muscles and flushing out the toxins from your body
  • Making you feel relaxed, by quieting your mind and improving  your sleep
  • Easing on your physical fatigue and tension
  • Reducing those discomforting cramps during pregnancy
  • Giving you the freedom to move
  • Helps you in managing your labour pain

However, before you start stretching during pregnancy, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Stretch By Taking These Precautions

  • Stretch slowly as your center of gravity shifts during the second and third trimester  of your pregnancy
  • Use the right form as that will prevent you from any injury
  • Try not to bounce as you might pull your muscles
  • Do not overdo it, as this will add to your exhaustion
  • Avoid lying on your stomach
  • Do not try extended back-lying postures and deep twists
  • Try not to do balancing poses
  • Listen to your body.

So, as you can see, pregnancy stretches can help you in the best possible way. Just keep the precautions in mind, which you’re doing the stretching exercises during your pregnancy. And before you start your stretching regime, during your pregnancy, check with your doctor.

And, while you take care of yourself, during your pregnancy, don’t forget to register yourself for cord blood banking to protect your baby’s and your family’s healthy future.