You’re 5 Months Pregnant! And Wondering What To Wear?

Earlier you used to be extremely conscious about your health and appearance… Eating healthy, exercising daily, and trying to fit into the clothes that you liked.

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s obvious that your body will undergo several changes. With your baby bump growing you may find yourself struggling to figure out what will fit you. The thought of maternity clothes might bring up the images of those loose shapeless tent-like clothes in front of you, but the trick is to know what will suit your body.

Even though your body is changing, it’s your right to look good from within and outside.

Now to ask the big question is where and how to shop?

You needn’t worry. We’re here to help you out.  

Tips To Buy Maternity Clothes

The best women’s maternity clothes are not one-size-fits-all, there are several ways to approach maternity wear.

  • During your first trimester, you barely need to look for new clothes. But, during this early stage of pregnancy, you can surely look up your existing wardrobe carefully, put your tight-fitting clothes aside. Try to keep all those extra sizes clothes (dumped in a corner), that you’ve had mistakenly bought, handy. As soon as your baby bump starts showing, you’ll fit into them easily. This way, you don’t have to shell out extra money.
  • As you hit the second trimester and progress from there, there are chances that, you’ll be putting on some extra weight besides enjoying the appearance of your bulging tummy. During this stage, let the empire waist be your best friend. In fact, empire waist dresses, like the flowy or maxi dresses, high-waist flowy skirts and lose shirt dresses are some of the women maternity clothes that will enhance your waistline and add sense to your style.
  • Due to your bodily changes, try out the comfy mummy-fit jeans. In fact, maternity jeans are good for you, as they can prevent you from all kinds of pregnancy complications. For instance, problems like varicose veins and water retention.
  • Have you thought about getting a few pair of leggings? Well! Think about getting the stretchable cotton ones. Your will feel your legs moulded comfortably. And hands down they are one of the best options for you, when it comes to choosing Indian style maternity clothes for yourself. Pair it up with those maxi-sized kurtis.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your underwear? This intimate layer will set the tone for your body. So, invest in supportive maternity bras and panties.
  • If you stay at a place which is mostly cold or you might be traveling or going to a parties or weddings during pregnancy in the winter season, keep an oversized blazer handy. This might also make you look chic and confident with little black dress.
  • It’s pregnancy – one of most beautiful emotions in your life. Let the world know how happy you are. You can also express yourself vividly, by choosing clothes that will show off your physical assets clearly.

To Conclude

Do you know where to get your maternity clothes from?

You might get several physical maternity stores outside, but it wouldn’t be safe for you to go and shop at places that are thronged with people.

There are fashionable choices on maternity clothes online to make you look trendy, stylish, beautiful, and extremely sweet, during your pregnancy.

While planning to look fashionable and beautiful during your pregnancy, you must have also thought about the health and safety of your baby before she’s arrived and must have had decided upon cord blood banking with the premium cord blood bank, CordlifeIndia.