Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a moment of blessing and happiness, but this period is a roller-coaster of emotional and physical changes. Mood swings, nausea, swelling, etc. are some of the common occurrences during pregnancy. Along with these, round ligament pain also emerges during the latter part of your pregnancy.

What Is Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy?

Round ligaments are a pair of ligaments located in the pelvis that can hold the uterus in position.  Usually, these ligaments would not be a reason for you to worry, until you’re pregnant. However, the painful round ligament is common during the second trimester of your pregnancy, which occurs mostly due to the increase in the size of your belly.

What Are the Causes of Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy?

The soaring pregnancy hormones make the ligaments lose and more elastic. In fact, there are many thick ligaments that start from the groins and go up to the side of the abdomen supporting and connecting the expanding uterus. One of them is the round ligament. As the uterus (your womb) grows, the round ligament also stretches and increases in diameter to accommodate the weight you might be carrying, causing sharp and stabbing round ligament pain. Besides this, pregnancy round ligament pain worsens as a result of a change in your position (sitting or standing or rolling over in bed), coughing, sneezing, or even laughing during your pregnancy. Due to sudden movements mentioned-above, the ligament gets pulled and tightens, more like the snapping of a rubber band. Well! This is yet another pregnancy discomfort, which neither harms you while you’re carrying your baby nor the health of the baby inside you.

Can Round Ligament Pain Occur Early During Pregnancy?

Usually, many of you may feel this ligament pain after 12 weeks of your pregnancy, in the second trimester. You might also feel the pain early.

abdominal pain in early pregnancy
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How Does Pregnancy Round Ligament Pain Feel?

Since the growing baby takes a toll on your entire body, you might feel a quick, sharp, cramp-like and stabbing pain on both sides of your abdomen as a common round ligament pain symptom. This tends to last only for a few seconds, but you might also feel a persistent dull ache in your stomach. Moreover, round ligament pain seems to be different for different pregnancies. Symptoms might include a pulling sensation down the groins, shooting pain around the belly, stabbing pain by the right side of your pelvis, and discomfort around the abdomen.

What Treatment Methods are Available to Give You Some Relief From Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy? 

While there is no official treatment method available, follow these steps to get some relief from the sharp and stabbing pain:

Pay Attention to Your Position

If you’re feeling the pain maybe while you’re sitting or standing, try to keep your feet up off the ground. Keeping your feet off the ground might reduce the pressure around your ligament. However, if you’re feeling the pain while you’re lying down on your side, try to sleep with wedge pillows in-between your legs. Additionally, try to keep your back straight along with your head, shoulders, and hips aligned.

Flex Your Hips

While you’re coughing or sneezing, try bending or flexing your hips to help prevent the shooting pain.

Go For a Swim

Swimming is a good exercise during pregnancy. The water will support your body to give you some relief from painful round ligament.

Try Easy Pregnancy Workouts

Doing stretching exercises during pregnancy or prenatal yoga can keep your core muscles strong. If while doing these exercises you feel something is hurting you, then avoid or stop that activity. You might also ask your doctor for pregnancy-friendly exercise to give you some relief.

Take a Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath during your pregnancy has several benefits. Out of the many benefits, alleviating  the discomfort of round ligament pain is just one of them.

However, before you use a maternity belt or medicines as pregnancy round ligament pain relief ensure that you take the doctor’s advice.

As we have mentioned before, round ligament pain is yet another pregnancy challenge out of many. The key to a beautiful pregnancy journey is to accept the challenges, while you’re anticipating the sweetest result of your life – your cute mewling little one.

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