Is It Safe To Use Hot Water During Pregnancy?

Warm water has a soothing effect on you, especially at the end of the day. Isn’t it? But you might want to know if it is safe to have a warm water bath during pregnancy?

Also drinking warm water boosts your energy level and helps in your digestion and weight loss. But is it safe to drink warm water during pregnancy?

Well! These are some of the common questions among many of you expectant mothers.

Read this engaging article to find out the answers to your questions.

drinking hot water during pregnancy

Need For Drinking Water During Pregnancy

Water, during pregnancy, removes toxins from your body, saves you from dehydration and fatigue and keeps your infections (such as UTI during pregnancy) at bay. So, during your pregnancy, your intake of water should be more than usual – should be at least in-between 2.5 to 3litres (8 to 10 glasses) of water.

Now, for your question:

Is Warm Drinking Water During Pregnancy Safe?

Yes! In fact, there are several benefits of drinking warm water during pregnancy.

  • The risk of infections and other viral diseases is reduced
  • Blood circulation in your body increases
  • Problems of morning sickness and heartburn are lower 
  • The blood pressure is also under control

But before you consume warm water during pregnancy ensure that:

  • the water isn’t very hot (as warm water might burn your mouth and you may not feel like eating anything much. This might affect your diet, which might affect your baby)
  • the water should be boiled
  • drink the water frequently and little by little
  • Add some taste to it, by adding lemon juice or honey or cucumber or watermelon  

We know that now are waiting for the answer of your main question,

Is Warm Water Bath During Pregnancy Safe?

Actually, it is absolutely fine to bathe in warm water, while you’re expecting, as long as the water isn’t very hot. At least not more than 1020F. Otherwise, the blood pressure might drop and the life growing inside you would be deprived from the all-essential oxygen and nutrients, thus increasing the risk of miscarriage. Bathing in warm water especially during the first trimester is riskier. There are chances that the baby inside you might be affected with birth defects like spina bifida.

You might also be suffering from hyperthermia (A condition in which the body starts to absorbs more heat than it repels). The reason why steam baths are not considered safe during pregnancy.

While you might be preparing the warm bath, keep the bubbles and aromatic oils away. Who knows it might alter the acid balance of your vagina?  

To Conclude

Staying healthy and looking good during is your need during pregnancy, just like other times. Just keep the pointers in mind, don’t forget the nutritious diet along with staying hydrated. And while you’re taking care of you and your baby, during your pregnancy, don’t also forget take the most important decision of cord blood banking.