Discomforts During Pregnancy? Did You Try Out These Natural Remedies?

You might have been thinking about it for quite a few days now.

But today when you saw the two markers on your pregnancy strip, you’ve got butterflies in your stomach and a huge smile on your face….

You seem to be pregnant… Isn’t it?

You share it with your partner and both of you immediately take the gynaecologist’s appointment to get a confirmed report on it. And, finally, yes! You’re pregnant! The most important and beautiful emotion in your life.

However, before you start planning on how to welcome your baby, you must have heard your gynaecologist carefully. He must have told you that, carrying a baby for nine long months is not a matter of joke! After all, pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges.

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, body discomforts during pregnancy are not uncommon.  

There can be a range of discomforts during pregnancy, but sometimes they can signal an underlying problem.   

Read this engaging article, to understand how the body changes during pregnancy, and what are the remedies that can help you deal with them.  

Changes in Female Body During Pregnancy

A Queasy Feeling

Due to the soaring pregnancy hormones, you might feel nauseous and puckish, mostly during the early stage of your pregnancy. And, this usually occurs in the morning. Well! By the time you step into the second stage of your pregnancy, i.e., the second trimester, you realise you’re slowly coming out of the fog of morning sickness. But, sometimes, for some of you, morning sickness, might last throughout your pregnancy journey.  

Try Out These Natural Remedies to Combat Morning Sickness

  • Take a bite of crackers or have a light snack
  • Sit on your bed for some time, after you wake up in the morning
  • Don’t rush after you wake up in the morning
  • Eat in small amounts, quite often
  • Don’t go empty stomach for a long time (Always keep snacks in your bag)
  • Try to consume low-fat and nutrient-rich meal to combat nausea
  • Try to eat bland food like dry toast, bananas, crackers, rice and apples
  • Try to stay away from those smells and tastes that make you feel nauseous

A Feeling of Tiredness

During this journey of nine months, we know that, your body is working extremely hard to nurture your developing baby (snuggled up inside your womb) and preparing you to embrace motherhood. Therefore, it’s natural, that while your body changes during pregnancy, you’d also have to accumulate a lot of energy to support this change. In the process, it’s not unnatural for you to feel tired.  

Try Out These Natural Remedies to Combat Tiredness During Your Pregnancy

  • Eat properly and at the right time to make yourself feel energised. Ensure that whatever you eat is iron-rich. American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) recommends that, you should have at least 27 mgs of iron every day. Choose green leafy veggies, eggs and meat in your pregnancy platter to fulfil your iron-requirements.
  • It’s natural that, you, your friends, family members, relatives and even colleagues love you and are happy to know that you’re pregnant. So, they might arrange small social-gatherings to make you feel elated. But, at this juncture, while you already have a tired feeling, limit your social-gatherings, to not make it worse.
  • Try not to do everything on your own. This isn’t the time. You can ask your maid to do the household chores and cook the meal for you. You can ask your partner to get the groceries for you.
  • Be active
  • Taking rest is an essential need, at this hour. Make sure you get enough of it.
  • Stay hydrated

Frequent Bathroom Visits

Basically, at this juncture of your life, fluid retention is more in your body, and your kidneys are more active. So, you’ll feel like going to the bathroom very often. And this is going to be an issue, especially during the first and the last trimester.

Try Out These Natural Remedies to Combat These Frequent Bathroom Visits

  • Try wearing urine leakage protector like a sanitary pad
  • Make sure you stay hydrated through out the day. Prevent your fluid-intake at night
  • Try not to wear clothes that are tight around your waist
  • Try to lean forward when you’re emptying your bladder
  • Try not to hold it back

A Feeling Of Indigestion and Bloating

With the progression of your pregnancy, your uterus expands to accommodate your baby and puts pressure on your intestines, thus making the food in your stomach go back in the oesophagus. This will reduce your power to digest, and slow digestion can build gas and pain and can further lead to constipation.

Try Out These Natural Remedies to Combat the Feeling of Indigestion and Bloating

  • Eat high-fiber food
  • Exercise for your bowel movements
  • Drink water

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

By the time you are in your 6th or 8th week of your pregnancy, your breasts will start taking preparation to produce milk for your baby, who is on the way. You will also start noticing your breasts gradually becoming tender. Well! In this case, while some of you might notice only mild changes in your breasts, some of you might notice your breasts becoming large in size and weight.

Try Out These Natural Remedies For Breast Changes During Pregnancy

  • Purchase a proper bra to support the breast growth and weight
  • Wear comfortable bra while sleeping
  • Try wearing loose-fitting clothes, that will not put pressure on your breasts

That’s not the end… You might also be experiencing headache, backache, and round ligament pain and pregnancy depression.

Take warm baths, and reduce your caffeine-intake to help yourself.

However, if you feel discomforts during pregnancy, consult your doctor immediately.