Q&A for Bond With Your Baby In The Womb Set – I

Q. I am in my 35th week and my baby neck is in hyper extension position in cephalic position how can I bring the baby to normal position.

Ans: There is no exercise which can shift the position of the baby’s head from hyper extension. The baby has to do this on his own

Q. Is there any chance of complications in delivery if we have fibroid uterus?

Ans: If the fibroid becomes too large and obstructs the birth canal it can happen

Q. Hello mam! I am 28 weeks pregnant. I m having severe itching in all the parts of my body. I m also having problem in sleeping. What should i do ?

Ans: Consult the doctor for liver function issue. For sleep ensure that you have comfortable bedding and temperature in the room

Q. Is it possible to touch your tummy and feel baby’s heartbeat at 10th week of pregnancy? What precaution one should take, if one had previous miscarriage?

Ans: No

Q. Just like the food does the baby get the taste of medicines as well which the mother is taking?

Ans: Yes that is what is expected

Q. My baby moves to the right side more is it normal

Ans: Yes

Q. People have been telling me to read books to give them knowledge in the womb is it correct ?

Ans: The baby cannot learn what is in the book

Q. Do babies always respond to flash light in third trimester

Ans: Most babies will especially when they are awake

Q. I am 24 weeks pregnant and my sleep has reduced at night, I feel pain in lower back and thighs and groin area while changing sides and hip pain is all day

Ans: Please ask your doctor about a condition known as pubis bone dysfunction

Q. Generally I feel very hungry in late night? what can be eaten? 
Ans: Ensure dinner is complete and wholesome. Midnight snack can be fruit and nuts

Q. I just cannot sleep at night… end up watching YouTube n sleeping at 4 am …5 am etc

Ans: If you have so much screen time it will disturb sleep. Instead try reading.

Q. Currently I am 68 kgs (4th month) so how many kg should I ideally gain?

Ans: This would also depend on your height. Consult your doctor to get a proper evaluation.

Q. I am in 3 months of pregnancy. I feel backache and leg pain. is this normal

Ans: Yes – check with the doctor and start some stretching exercises

 Q. What to do in case of lower and upper back pain?

Ans: Exercise

Q. My wife doesn’t eat much , she doesn’t feel like eating is this normal

Ans: If baby growth is normal and whatever she eats is healthy then its fine.

Q. Can I eat Maggie during pregnancy ? 

Ans: Its not a healthy option

Q. Am in 17 weeks.. I feel stressed out most of the time due to family and other factors. I fear if it affects my baby now itself. which I don’t.. When do babies start getting affected by this?

Ans: The baby can feel your emotions right from the every beginning. Talk to your husband. Practice some relaxation and meditation to calm yourself.

Q. 25 weeks for normal BMI how much should the weight gain be?

Ans: Roughly about 5-6 kilos

Q. I feel baby movements all the time during day

Ans: Normal

Q. If your husband and people around you do not care much during pregnancy, it is bound to make you sad. what to do avoid stress there?

Ans: Open conversation with your husband. Discuss your feelings after all it is his baby too. You will get the recording of the session. Please have him watch the same.

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