Q&A for Gut Health and Immunity for Pregnant Women

One of the most important times to think about the Gut Microbiome is during the pregnancy

What is Gut and Microbiome 

Gut: Small Large Intestine

Microbiome: Balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut

The microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint

The microbiome regulates mood metabolism hormones digestion immunity

Immune cells about 70% to 80% are found in the gut and that is why it regulates immunity.

Vaginal birth: The baby comes down head down crying as it is the vaginal pouch it will be able to innoculate with good bacteria lactobacillus

Breastfeeding well for the immunity base of the child and has bifidobacteria in it beneficial to the child

Top 3 foods to avoid 

  • Sugar : choose dry fruits , fruits , sweet vegetables
  • Fried  food : choose   makhana  , Khakra bhel or peanut chana bhel
  • Processed foods : They reduce immunity for about 4 to 5 hours and also instantly alter the balance of the Gut Microbiome

Common AllergiesIt may present itself as itching, skin rashes, loose stools or constipation, wheezing, heartburn

Common allergens:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Nuts
  • Peanuts

Best is to eliminate them for 7 days to 21 days 

Impact may be seen in 15 mins to 72 hours after consuming food

Top 3 foods good for gut health 

A. Fibre 25 to 35 g insoluble and soluble fibre

  1. Insoluble fibre : vegetables, stir fry soups
  2. Soluble fibre : Oats apples barley

Whole foods based plant choices for good quality fibre intake

B. Probiotic : The beneficial bacteria needed for the gut

  1. Present in curd , fermented vegetables, pickles less oil and salt , kefir , miso soup to maintain the essential balance of good and bad bacteria

C. Prebiotic:  

Food for Beneficial bacteria to feed on for sustainability  of the good bacteria Present in onions and garlic

Seven Conditions commonly seen in my practice of Gut Health & Pregnancy 

  1. Gestational diabetes : Avoid rice and milk or dairy , use other sources Siachen as Nachni , banana, green leafy vegetables , almond milk , Oats for calcium and protein substitutes
  2. high BP: Switch over from salt to pepper lime chilli garlic ginger , try to move to low sodium salt like pink salt
  3. Thyroid : Due to Gut Microbiome imbalance and possible chances  of leaky gut , wheat ( gluten and Gliadin in wheat) should be avoided and use other grains such as Jowar Nachni Rajgeera
  4. Constipation: Add psyllium husk with Luke warm water post dinner or more soluble fibre like Oats and barley
  5. Loose stools : check on Electrolyte balance with  sweet ( gut)salt  pink nimbu pani
  6. Gas :  1 tsp jeera or saunf in lukewarm water
  7. Acidity or nausea : Mint leaves in water or sabja seeds 1/2 to 1 tsp

Kindly note all guidelines are generalised for the benefit of the audience and it may vary bio individually in practice as per each unique pregnancy of each mother

Finally : Chi gong : digestive force breathing to improve digestion and absorption

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