Q&A for Bond with your Baby in the Womb Set – III

Q. Can you elaborate on proper sitting and sleeping positions?

Ans: Can be done in an exercise class.

Q. I’m in the 25th week of my pregnancy. Is it OK to stick to 3 meals and 1 snack through the day. I don’t feel hungry enough to eat every 2 hours.

Ans: Can eat smaller meals and more snacks.

Q. Till which week is it safe to travel via air?

Ans: Week 32 is what is recommended by airlines. The rest depends on your pregnancy.

Q. kindly suggest diet restriction, inclusion for pregnancy cholestasis.

Ans: Only medication will help.

Q. I have twins pregnancy,what to do  more for healthy babies.

Ans: Ensure adequate protein intake.

Q. My weight is very very low. is there any chance of pregnancy problem?

Ans: If baby growth is on track then no.

Q. How to deal with leg cramps and knee pain during pregnancy?

Ans: Ensure you have enough water to help with leg cramps. Knee pain is due to growing weight so exercises will help.

Q. How will the movies/shows i watch now, will affect my baby’s brain.

Ans: It will have the same effect as what you feel.

Q. What is considered a healthy weight gain range during pregnancy?

Ans: 10-12kgs

Q. Is the sugar intake promotes itching? 

Ans: No

Q. I am in my 13th week. and my NT shows bilateral notching.. should i take less salt diet?

Ans: Its not related to salt.

Q. Do we need to have Omega Rich food nutrition ?? To help baby for brain development?

Ans: Yes

Q. I am lactose intolerant but I I try and include curd and paneer in my meals..I am also taking calcium supplements..is that sufficient?

Ans: Yes

Q. Getting tired on 35th week and feeling nausea & vomiting.

Ans: Its normal



Q. We planed to do Stem cell storage for our baby in cord life… may I know cord life service is good in India?

Ans: I would recommend that you do your own independent research before making a decision. Start with taking a presentation to understand more details.

Q. Should we play same song r story daily when baby is in womb?

Ans: If you sing it is better

Q. What kind of exercise can women do in their first trimester? Most people say exercising causes miscarriage.

Ans: Exercise does not cause miscarriage in a healthy pregnancy.

Q. Painful red swelling in legs in 22 weeks at night what can be done to avoid it?

Ans: Kindly check with the doctor as it could be a blood clot

Q. we are unable to proceed properly for target scan due to no movement of baby my pregnancy 18 week 5 day what should I do?

Ans: Please check with your doctor for alternatives.

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