Q&A for Bond with your Baby in the Womb Set – II

Q. What about feeling drowsy in pregnancy is it normal?

Ans: It is normal as your body is working hard to make a baby

Q. What should we eat for the baby’s brain development

Ans: Balanced diet with a focus on protein foods and omega 3

Q. I’m 23 weeks pregnant but I still can’t feel my baby’s movement.

Ans: Its normal

Q. How to identify if the baby is moving round? I can feel movements but not sure if he is rolling around or not. I am 7 months pregnant

Ans: Any movement either a roll, a kick or a stretch is considered a movement

Q. Pain in lower abdomen, how to conquer?

Ans: If this is constant then it is due to stretching and growing weight. If it is like a spasm then report to the doctor.

Q. Are prenatal beside iron calcium and iron essential ?

Ans: Yes

Q. What are the best exercises to do at home in 2nd and 3rd trimester?

Ans: Please sign up for a prenatal class. Check with Cordlife also for future sessions

Q. At the time of pregnancy I am 70 kg, now I am 21 week pregnant and my weight is 80 kg . How to maintain good weight with good diet?

Ans: Ensure you eat healthy, balanced and in moderation.

Q. Can we have mustard oil in pregnancy ?

Ans: Yes

Q. Do I need to wake up in middle of the night to eat something?

Ans: No

Q. Is omega 3 supplement necessary for brain development from 20 weeks?

Ans: We recommend for third trimester.

Q. I have a higher height of fundus …. being 32 weeks pregnant … but Hof is about 34, is it ok?

Ans: Yes, Its OK.

Q. I’m 26 weeks pregnant, I feel very depressed these days due to little fights with husband and family pressures what do I do? I want my to be intelligent and away from this atmosphere. I meditate, exercise, reading and also listen to music still feel depressed what do I do?

Ans: Hormones make you feel upset and low. You have to self help by distracting your mind. If you still feel that it is not happening please consult a psychologist.

Q. Eat banana in 7 month is good for baby?

Ans: Every fruit in moderation is good.

Q. Can I drink only warm water during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes.

Q. I’m 20 weeks pregnant. My AFI is 10.2. Is it really too low? Will it cause any harm to my baby?

Ans: It is borderline.

Q. Which is best food in 3rd trimester.

Ans: All healthy foods in moderation.

Q. How to manage leg pain during sleeping?

Ans: I believe you mean cramps. Please ensure you are taking adequate water.

Q.  I am o negative and husband ab positive and I m 17 weeks pregnant.. anything to worry?

Ans: In the first pregnancy it is ok. However your doctor will give you the RH factor injection to ensure that there is no issues in subsequent pregnancies.

Q. Hi mam,by end of this month I completed my first trimester…but since last I am feeling like negative thoughts..and not able to overcome..y means last 10 days I am feeling like normal person not feeling any thing in my belly ..and doing all my works as natural as I am before …
and is there anything symptom to have like this or it s simply I am thinking too much ..please suggest me to overcome.

Ans: These are due to hormones. Please distract yourself and do things you enjoy.

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