Q&A for Bond with your Baby in the Womb Set – IV

Q. I get cramps in the morning in my right hand…and it kind of gets stiff

Ans: Due to sleeping position. Stretch your fingers.

Q. Basically a Garbh sanskar, is it true ?

Ans: Babies are alert in the womb and yes they will be able to feel emotions and feelings

Q. If my GT is high but fasting sugar and post lunch is ok ? Can i avoid medications?

Ans: Medication questions for the doctor please. This is not a medical forum

Q. Currently I am in my 15th week and my weight is 68 kg so what is the ideal weight gain ?

Ans: It would also depend on your height.

Q. How to increase protein in the body?

Ans: Proper diet

Q. What should we do if someone has thyroid what precautions should we take?

Ans: Regular test and medication.

Q. Getting worried due to excessive movements?

Ans: Every baby is different.

Q. Is Vaginal pain normal during 23 weeks of pregnancy?

Ans: Due to stretch yes.

Q. I used to walk 40-50 mins comfortably but since 2-3 weeks I can walk only 15 mins max. Is this a concern? I am into 22nd week?

Ans: Maybe you can try to rest and then continue walking

Q. Weight gain only 5 kg at 26th wee, is this ok?

Ans: Yes

Q. Is it safe to colour one’s hair during pregnancy or during nursing the baby after birth?

Ans: Yes with ammonia free color.

Q. I have also problem of high constipation.

Ans: Take plenty of water and fiber rich foods.

Q. I have to travel to my hometown. It is a 12 hour journey. Any tips to make the journey comfortable. I am 26 weeks pregnant.

Ans: Very detailed answer needed and not in the scope of this session.

Q. Sleeping more in right side which can affect my labour?

Ans: No.

Q. In which month can we start exercising?

Ans: 4th

Q. Is hair fall normal during pregnancy. I’m in 27th week and Off late experiencing a lot of hair fall. Do you have Any remedy for it?

Ans: Please ensure you are taking your supplements regularly. So much hair fall should not happen.

Q. I like to sleep a lot.. 7-8 hrs in night and in day around 1-2 hrs

Ans: its fine

Q. Is it ok to use a hot water bottle for the round ligament pain ?

Ans: Yes

Q. Thyroid increase how to lower down?

Ans: Medication.

Q. Pain in the tail bone, I am 21 weeks pregnant.

Ans: Exercise and sitting posture.

Q. Is it good to consume microgreens? 

Ans: In moderation yes but certain microgreens are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Q. Is it recommended to do Kegel exercises when aiming for a natural birth?

Ans: Yes.

Q. I’m in my 26th week now. how to deal with increased fatigue in pregnancy?

Ans: Ensure you are taking all your supplements and getting enough rest.

Q. Back pain in 3 trimester.

Ans: Exercise.

Q. Do u suggest to intake protein powder during pregnancy and Breastfeeding for vegetarian.

Ans: Can be taken.

Q. How does drinking cold water affect baby. I have been advised not to take cold water or any drink which is cold.

Ans: It does not affect.

Q.  I felt itching above my abdomen. it is normal?

Ans: Use a stretch mark cream or oil.

Q. What level of amniotic fluid is considered safe while attempting a normal delivery after a 12 hrs of water break.

Ans: This will be judged by the doctor

Q. 29th week now. What exercises can I do for a normal delivery and can I do squats and how many each day

Ans: Exercise session.

Q. Can v do exercises when pregnant with twins.

Ans: The doctor has to approve

Q. Is it normal to have itchy feet in the 3rd trimester ?

Ans: No.

Q. Which oil is gud for baby head massage and body massage?

Ans: no oil needed

Q. From which month can I start omega 3 supplements and which brand do u suggest ?

Ans: 7th month and check for brand with the doctor

Q. what can I do for swollen feet

Ans: check blood pressure levels first

Q. Is it ok to have heat boil which I did not get earlier near the pvt part

Ans: No

Q. Can i have kesar during pregnancy , i am 23 weeks pregnant?

Ans: Yes


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