Ninth 9 – End of Embryo Period

Congratulations for the ninth week and hats off to you for completing eight weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when your baby attains a transition from embryo to foetus. There is a continuous growth where the development occurs at a rapid pace.

Your baby at this stage is just as a peanut. The measurement of the baby is 1.67 inches that means 4.24 centimeters as stated by American pregnancy association. Your baby now looks like a tiny little person. Head became straight, round and face start its formation. Eyes are closed but there is a complete development of retinal pigmentation. Taste buds of tongue are formed and external ears are developed. Limbs are formed which consist of distinct fingers and toes. Finally, the liver, gallbladder and the intestines start forming.

At this time, the hCG hormone is circulating in you at highest level. This may lead to severity of pregnancy symptoms. But do not worry this is normal and happens to almost all of the pregnant women. This increase in the hormonal level causes following symptoms.

  • As the hormones are releasing more these days it is increasing nausea and fatigue day by day and at this point you might become impatient in controlling your emotions. However, you need not to worry because these symptoms will slowly go away as your pregnancy progresses. You can read books or watch movie to reduce these stressful conditions.
  • Due to the expansion of the uterus and blood flow to the pelvic area can create pressure and you might urge to pee frequently. That does not mean that you will cut off the amount of your drinking water. Remember that you must stay hydrated and for that you have to drink lots of water.
  • These days you might be feeling more fatigues than earlier. This is because your hormone secretion is increasing day by day and it is causing a hike in your fatigue. You must sleep more as much as you can to reduce fatigue. You must also eat at small to maintain your blood sugar level stays normal.
  • Due to high mucus production in the body you might feel the nasal congestion.
  • You might also have to face headache due to the increase in the level of the hormones. In addition, some other symptoms are there that you must have to cope with such as dehydration, lack of sleep, cravings for certain food, tiredness and stress.

For reducing these pregnancy symptoms, you must eat at small intervals, get enough sleep, and drink lots of water. Take hot or cold compress as it makes you comfortable for reducing headache. However, do not take any medication of your own and consult with your doctor before doing so. At this time your doctor will advise you to test any kind of family history for genetic diseases and to do various prenatal tests to reduce the risks of any severity.