Give Your Li’l One An Invaluable Gift

While you are pregnant you might be thinking about various types of things to be done. As for example, how to take proper care of the baby, when to go back to work and thinking of the baby names? Among all of these, the most important thing is left to decide. This is the lifetime gift that you can give to your baby. The gift is the health security for the whole life that can be done by saving your baby’s cord blood as well as cord tissue right after the birth of the baby.

Cord blood is the blood found in the umbilical cord of the baby which is a rich source of stem cells. The cord blood is collected at the time of birth, it is then processed to isolate the stem cells and these stem cells are cryopreserved.

Science has always been a boon to the common people. Scientists from different parts of the world have discovered the stem cells and proved that cord blood stem cells are pluripotent and can develop into any type of cells of the human body. These stem cells can be used for the treatment of different types of cancer, blood related disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc.

The cord blood stem cells of your baby possess mainly two types of benefits. These stem cells can be used for both the transplantation method as well as regenerative medicine. The most amazing thing about the cord blood is that you can bank your baby’s cord blood and tissues so that if needed it can be used in the future. The stem cells extracted from the cord blood can become useful for the treatment of the baby and immediate family members.

In your life you never know what will happen next. Any of a person in their life can get such diseases which cannot be treated by medicines. At that point of time doctor suggest for doing stem cell transplantation. In that case the stem cells extracted from your baby’s cord blood and tissue will help the parents and close relatives in their treatment.

Various cord blood banks have been established so that the expectant parents can opt for the banking their baby’s stem cells. These cells are collected at the time of the birth and are stored in a private bank for the future use of their family.

Hence it can be said that banking your baby’s stem cells is a type of safety net for you and your family. It means that whenever any member of your family will need stem cell therapy you can retrieve your baby’s stem cells from the bank and can give them for the treatment.