Cordlife in the Media

Cordlife Group appoints marketing agent in Myanmar
21 OCTOBER 2016
Lianhe Zaobao - 人生集团(Cordlife Group)上周五闭市后宣布签约委任Bio Secure公司为缅甸行销代理
21 OCTOBER 2016
Cordlife Honoured As One Of Forbes Asia’s “Best Under a Billion” Companies
04 NOVEMBER 2015
(Busines India), Ahead of its time
3 AUGUST 2015
(Channel News Asia), Distribution of SG50 Funpacks begins
5 JULY 2015
(Straits Times), Jalan Kayu residents get extra items in SG Funpacks
5 JULY 2015
(Next Insight), CORDLIFE: Pledges to donate $150K to needy pre-school kids in Jln Kayu
5 JULY 2015
(Business Times), Six Singapore companies make it to Forbes Asia's 'Best Under a Billion' list
25 JUNE 2015
(AsiaOne), 6 S'pore firms on Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion" list
25 JUNE 2015
(Forbes), Cordlife Harvests Stem Cells Of Newborns In Case Of A Rare Disease
24 JUNE 2015
(Motherhood Magazine), Laboratory Director at Cordlife Group Limited answers your cord blood banking related questions.
JUNE 2015
(AsiaOne), 6 S'pore firms on Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion" list
25 JUNE 2015
Mother & Baby
25 JUNE 2015
Channel 8 News, "More local parents are choosing to store their baby's cord blood"
20 AUGUST 2003
Asia Pacific Biotech News, "CordLife Launches Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Processing and Banking Services"
04 AUGUST 2003
Cytomatrix goes global with CordLife merger deal
23-29 MAY 2003
The Publication of the British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore, "UK scientists champion Singapore's bioscience industry Orient"
Summer 2003
Elle Singapore, "Test Tube Mummies"
01 MAY 2002, "Banking on Cord Blood in Asia"
15 OCTOBER 2001
The Straits Times, "10 pay to store kids' cord blood against disease"
The Straits Times, "Banking on cord stem cells"
The Straits Times, "Singapore company wants to build Asian umbilical cord banks for stem cell research"
01 JANUARY 2001
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