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Can You Wear Makeup During Pregnancy? A Guide For Moms-to-be

We know how much you loved your face powders, eyeliners, shadows, and blushers before your pregnancy. You didn’t want to go out anywhere without them. If by chance, you went out anywhere without wearing even a kajal, your friends and relatives questioned you. However, from the time that you’re carrying your baby in your womb, you happen to think twice before doing makeup during pregnancy. There are several reasons for it:  

Reasons Why You Have to Think Twice While You’re Pregnant

The soaring pregnancy hormones take a toll on your skin, during your pregnancy. In fact, you might undergo: 

There are many make-up products you can choose from to cover up your skin problems. However, it would be difficult for you to understand which make-up products are safe during your pregnancy. As there are several theories available on the cosmetics for pregnant women.

Theories Behind Using Makeup During Pregnancy 

Keep these points in mind before you choose make-up while you’re pregnant.

Cosmetic products have chemicals called Phthalates. Research claims your exposure to this chemical can reduce the IQ levels of the little one inside you and may give rise to birth defects in the baby. Also, the more you expose your skin to Phthalates during your pregnancy, your baby inside you might have a 78% high risk of developing asthma by the time he or she has turned 11. Use cosmetics that are:

BPA (Bisphenol A) Free

According to research in 1950s, BPA was used for making plastic bottles and resin materials. During pregnancy, using cosmetics which has the chemical BPA, might contribute to weight gain, gestational diabetes, pregnancy pancreatic dysfunction and several adverse outcomes such as emergency C – section and preterm delivery. Additionally, this has been linked to negative effects on the brain development of the baby inside your womb. 


In shampoos, soaps, deodorants, makeup, and skincare products, parabens are commonly used to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. In lotions, cleansers, and moisturizers, parabens can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, where they can harm the baby. Research has further shown that your exposure to paraben during pregnancy can increase your baby’s weight while being in your womb and make your child obese during his or her childhood. 

Moreover, your skin’s exposure to chemicals like: 

  • salicylic acid is an important ingredient in anti-acne products, 
  • dihydroxyacetone is a colour additive in tanning products, and
  • hydroquinone is a popular skin-lightening agent. It does not harm you or the baby inside you. 
  • In fact, you can go for creams and moisturizers which have sodium, calcium, and potassium hydroxide in them. These are not that harmful while you’re expecting.  

Ways To Choose Pregnancy-safe Makeup Products

Due to your pregnancy skin changes, we know that you may or may not feel like decking up all the time. But, what if, you have an invitation that you cannot miss, Here are a few ways with which you can choose pregnancy-safe make-up products:


Look for lipsticks made out of almond, and jojoba oil, shea, and cocoa butter, and clarified butter.

Face Creams

During your pregnancy, use a good face cream to pamper your skin and to keep your skin moisturised. Before choosing your face cream ensure that the tubes or bottles of the moisturisers have the terms hypoallergenic’, ‘fragrance-free’, ‘organic’, etc. mentioned on them.


You use foundation to reduce the marks and spots on your skin. So, just use any foundation on your skin while you’re expecting. Go for foundations made out natural ingredients without any preservatives.

Face Powder

Make sure your face powders does not have retinoids, tetracycline, and hydroquinone in it. Check the label properly. Dust off the extra powder with a make-up brush.

All said and done, with pregnancy-safe makeup on your skin, you can look extremely beautiful. However, you can look equally good without an inch of makeup on your face. All you need to do is.

  • eat nutritiously and in balance
  • take the right supplements and
  • drink plenty of water to look naturally beautiful during your pregnancy

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