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11 Things You Should Never Ask A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a whole lot of mood swings. Pregnancy is feeling hungry, gassy, sleep-deprived, gaining weight, and so on. Pregnancy does not mean, that someone – be it your friend or relative can pass some unwanted comments or ask you unnecessary questions. Such comments or questions might leave you feeling rather embarrassed. You might even feel annoyed at certain questions.

Therefore, read this article to find out how you should not be commented on or questioned during your pregnancy:

Don’t You Think You’ve Put On a Lot of Weight?

We understand that someone who’s asking you this question must have seen you in the days when you were health-conscious, did regular exercise, and followed a strict diet to maintain yourself.  However, from the time that you’re pregnant, due to the soaring pregnancy hormones, and due to the weight of the developing baby inside you, your body is storing fat and you’re gaining around 10 kg to 12.5 kgs during your pregnancy. We understand you might be feeling low about your recently gained weight. Therefore, if your friend, colleague, or family member asks you about your being “huge” that is an insensitive comment.

What Are You So Upset About?

Well! Someone who asked this question should understand that pregnancy is no doubt the happiest emotion in your life. However, research indicates that about 7% of you during your pregnancy, undergo pregnancy depression. You might feel sad and very anxious as you progress with your pregnancy. This gives rise to changes in your sleep, level of energy, appetite, and libido. You might also feel happy sometimes during your pregnancy. The person who asked you such a question, may doesn’t know that this is quite natural.

Why Do You Look So Tired? 

We know you don’t know how to respond to this question. Well! Feeling of tiredness tired during pregnancy is common. As a result of:

  • morning sickness 
  • sleep deprivation
  • frequent bathroom visits 
  • rising progesterone levels, you will feel tired during your pregnancy.

Is That All You’re Eating?

We know that this is a strange question. You’ve already had several aversions and lots of cravings during pregnancy. Upon that, you’ve many restrictions, due to which you might have to strike a balance between how much you’re eating and what you’re eating.

Why Has Your Skin and Hair Lost Their Glow?

The person who asked you this question must have always seen you in your shining skin and beautiful shining hair. Since the time that you’re expecting your baby, hormonal changes may have darkened your skin a little. You might even have developed patches on your skin and lost its pre-pregnancy luster. Stretch marks are also not uncommon. Additionally, the texture of your hair might even change during your pregnancy. Hair fall is also quite natural.

Is The Baby Planned?

Instead of getting angry and irritated at these questions, laugh it off and think that he or she doesn’t know what to ask. Moreover, this is an extremely personal question about your sexual relationship with your partner. You may or may not want to discuss your private life with your partner with someone who’s questioning you in this way.

Look at Your Baby Bump? Are You Sure You’re Not Giving Birth to Twins?

With the progression of your pregnancy, it is natural that you’ll get a big stomach. Your big baby bump may or may not mean that you’ll have twins. While in some of you, your baby bump might be visible early, in some of you, your baby bump might appear slightly later.

Oh no! Is That When You’re Due? 

Some of you may not get the chance to plan the date of your delivery. As your doctor must have seen your condition and shared the date with you. It could be any day – maybe on Christmas, New Year, etc. Whatever may be the date, that is extremely personal. It’s wrong to comment on your due date.

Do You Have a Pregnancy Birth Plan?

As you reach your due date, you might have to make a list of the birth plan ready. It is a record or a document where an expectant mother outlines her preferences for her baby’s birth (natural or emergency C- section), her labour, and the after-delivery process. But we know that this is absolutely in – between you, your partner, and your family. Nobody can ask you such a question.

Can I Touch Your Belly Please? 

😊 Well! This is definitely not funny! We know that to ask you to touch your belly is really very strange, especially when you’re lugging it around the whole day. We also know that you might have many exciting things to share like the rapid movement or kicking of the baby inside you. But all that is for you, your partner, and the rest of your family members. Therefore, whoever asks you this question must wait until you allow it.

Do You Wish to Give Birth to a Baby Boy or Girl?

😊 We know that you can’t avoid such questions, but you surely can’t be rude to the person who’s asking you that question. Respond to this politely. Say that you want to hold a healthy little one in your arms.

Just remember that you’re pregnant and everything is about you, your partner, and your love for your family. People should know what to ask and where to stop. Also, don’t forget to follow our blog page to get some more insight on pregnancy.

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