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Eating Fish During Pregnancy: A Complete Guide To Pregnant Women

During pregnancy it’s natural that you will be undergoing several physical and emotional changes. Moreover, you might experience strange cravings towards certain food and sometimes aversion towards certain food. This aside, you get lots of confusing suggestions regarding what to eat and what not to eat while you’re expecting a baby. Find out whether you can eat fish during pregnancy.

Can You Eat Fish During Your Pregnancy?

The answer right off the hat is “Yes”. The baby cuddled up inside your womb, needs his or her essential nutrients and oxygen for development. Fish has nutrients like vitamin D and protein. These are necessary for the baby’s development and have low levels of saturated fat for your developing baby. Omega – 3 fatty acids in the fish are also necessary for your baby’s development inside you. Besides this, here’s the list of health benefits of eating fish while you’re pregnant.

The Health Benefits of Eating Fish While You’re Pregnant Are 

  • Fish is a rich source of protein and amino acid that helps in foetal growth. It also helps in developing the cells of the baby’s hair, skin, and muscles.
  • Consumption of DHA and Omega – 3 fatty acids from fish boosts the baby’s brain inside you.
  • Intake of DHA and Omega – fatty acids through the consumption of fish for you can surely improve your mood during and after your pregnancy.
  • A fish-rich pregnancy diet or including fish oil in your pregnancy meal or dinner, not just keeps pregnancy-induced hypertension low, but also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest during pregnancy.
  • Consumption of Omega – 3 in adequate amounts through fish or various other supplements of fish can lower your risk of pre-term delivery.
  • Intake of fish promotes bone health during pregnancy.
  • Intake of fish reduces the chances of becoming overweight during pregnancy.
  • It also reduces the chances of colon or rectal cancer.

Therefore, while choosing the fish for your pregnancy, you must not keep the essential nutrients in mind, you should also remember to make the right choice.

How Will You Know That You Have Made The Right Choice of Fish?

Eat those kinds that do not have high levels of mercury in them and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Intake of fish with high mercury levels may get deposited in your bloodstream over time. High levels of mercury in your bloodstream may damage your baby’s developing brain and nervous system in your womb. Definitely, these fishes have lower levels of mercury in them, which are good for your baby’s overall growth and development.

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So get a varied choice of tasty fish while you’re pregnant. Don’t forget to choose from the list of safe fish to eat during pregnancy below:

  • Butterfish (Pomfret).
  • Hilsa is a type of herring (Since it is only found in the Monsoon season, have it only if it suits you).
  • The Indian Mackerel (Bangada) is a type of Mackerel.
  • Rawas (Indian salmon) is a type of salmon.
  • You can also have sweet river water fish like rohu and catla, but moderation is the key.

In this pregnancy-safe list of fish, you might want to know whether you can eat seafood or not?

As far as seafood is concerned there are certain types of shellfish like

  • crab
  • prawns
  • shrimps and lobster which can be eaten during pregnancy if only they are cooked properly

Otherwise research has shown high levels of toxins have been found in these fish which is not good for pregnancy.

How Much Fish-eating Is Not Too Much For You?

So, you might be eating fish at home or out international health agencies like:

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) advises you to include low-mercury fish in your diet two or three servings a week.

Additionally, while you’re cooking fish during your pregnancy, try to cook your favourite shrimps, or hilsa properly. Try to make yourself grilled fish or soupy style fish so that you don’t develop smell sensitivity towards it.

Eat healthily and enjoy your nine months thoroughly. If you need any other information about pregnancy and cord blood banking, follow our blog page carefully.

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