Vaginal Discharge – An Irritable Symptom of Pregnancy

Most women experience a common yeast infection known as vaginal thrush with occasional bouts. It causes the vagina and surrounding area to itch, irritate, and swell, sometimes with a creamy white cheese like discharge from the vagina. Pregnant women are especially susceptible to yeast infections. With so much heading on when you’re expecting, the last thing you […]

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How to Control the Diet of a Woman Before and After Pregnancy


During and after pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman provides the baby with all the elements necessary for its proper growth: proteins, fats, sugar, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, it is important to eat well during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The energy and nutrient requirement is more significant during this time. Women who eat well during […]

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Pregnancy after 40s is not dangerous if you take necessary precautions

Pregnancy after 40s - Jan 11

My mother always wondered how female celebs postpone their childbirth till their 40’s. I have heard medical professionals over the years stating that 30 years is the ideal for a woman to give birth to healthy children. Down’s syndrome and congenital abnormalities are on the list of possibilities if one has to bear a child […]

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Stories of Hope: Toddler reinfused with own umbilical cord blood in attempt to halt Type 1 Diabetes

Stories of Hope Toddler - 01 Dec

Stem cells have been the reason for so many successful clinical trials for decades. It has not only been proven effective for more than 80 diseases and disorders, but it has also been responsible for various miraculous stories. Lucy Hinchion has such an inspiring story. She is the youngest child in medical history, who has […]

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