Eight Week – Completion of Second Month

Congratulations to all the mothers those who had completed their seventh week of pregnancy. Now that you have entered into week eight, it is the time to complete your second month of pregnancy. You may not start showing your baby bump but like other women you will feel your pregnancy. At time you will have your first prenatal appointment. During this visit your doctor will perform the confirmatory test of your baby. Then the medications will be provided by the doctor.

Stay excited as your baby is growing for approximately a millimeter every single day. During this time of eight week the baby is as big as a raspberry. American Pregnancy association states that the baby weighs approximately more than one inch when measured [1]. Your baby will starts growing its webbed hands as well as feet. The heart starts growing and it will beat at an unbelievable rate of more than 150times/min. Amniotic fluid starts increasing its volume and womb starts to expand for the growing baby.

With the passing of each week some of the symptom of your pregnancy may change and others intensify.

  1. Fatigue – When you are at 8 weeks of pregnancy, most of the time you may feel tired. The reason behind is the hormonal changes occurring in the body. It also increases the production of blood needed for the growth of the baby. This causes decrease in the blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure which leads to tiredness and fatigue. For reducing this tiredness, you must sleep as much as you can. Going for an early sleep or having tiny naps during the day in between your regular activities will prevent fatigue during pregnancy.
  2. Nausea – You might experience nausea throughout the day. This nausea might bother you a little but don’t worry its completely normal. The ginger can provide you rid of nausea. So, you may eat ginger products such as ginger sweets, ginger ale or ginger cakes. You can also consume peppermint to reduce nausea.
  3. Increased sense of smell – Another pleasant symptom occurs along with morning sickness is an unusual feeling of odor. Catching a smell of an unpleasant odor (maybe something that’s completely harmless or never troubled you before) could cause sickness, so it’s better to attempt to prevent the odors that you’ve become susceptible to.
  4. Constipation – Constipation occurs to most of the women during childbirth. For reducing this, drink plenty of water, consume fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. In addition, you might opt for long walks. If you are still facing the problem of constipation, discuss with your doctor and know about the remedies to get relief.

When you will visit to your gynecologist, the doctor will examine you and will provide you with the tips that will help in reducing the symptoms of this time. During this time, you may develop oily skin and may suffer from pimples. You may be using ointment for treating the pimple but you must know about the ingredients of the medication. At this point it is better to contact with the doctor to know about the  safety of the use of medicine during pregnancy.

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