Benefits Of Essential Oils For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when a mum to-be has to stay healthy and maintain your health to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. However many women do not want to take medicines for some common pregnancy symptoms.

They can use essential oils for reducing their pregnancy symptoms. Here are five common problems where essential oils can be used:

• Morning sickness
• Pain
• Sleep and energy
• Hypertension, gestational diabetes, water retention
• Cold & flu

Morning Sickness

This is a challenging phase of pregnancy as women had to deal with nausea and vomiting. Essential oils can assist to calm the stomach from nausea that prevents the occurrence of vomiting.

Indigestion and heartburn can also be helped through the use of essential oils. It will also reduce stomach pain or feeling of full stomach. Some oils can be used safely on the abdomen, at the bottom of the feet, can be applied on the tongue or can be sip with water.


Many women have headaches because during pregnancy they don’t want to take pain medication. Fortunately, there are options rather than medicines which can be used. Temples, neck, forehead and swollen area can be massaged with oil. Oils may also be useful to inhale.

Oils may be applied on the muscle, shoulder and hemorrhoid pain in similarly as it is applied to headaches.

Sleep & Energy

Most of the common problem that a pregnant woman suffers during pregnancy is sleeplessness. They have various options such as applying essential oils at feet before going to bed, diffuse oils in the bedroom, and apply oils below the nose or back of neck. This will help to get better sleep and fulfill the lack of energy by completing our sleep.

It can also be used in drinking water, applied on back of neck or can be inhaled to receive instant energy by reducing fatigue.

Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes, Water Retention

Certain essential oils can assist as a therapeutic use of high blood pressure because they are hypotensive (an ingredient that reduces and stabilizes level of blood pressure). Other oils have calming and soothing properties that can be used as sedative that can assist in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure by topical application, massage or inhalation.

Gestational diabetes is mainly found in the pregnant women whose blood sugar level increases during pregnancy. In order to prevent severe problems for both mother and the baby, the healthcare provider needs observation and so that the women can be treated with essential oils.

Water retention occurs due to water build-up in the tissues of the body that causes swelling and puffiness. Essential oils can be useful for normalizing the equilibrium of the body by gently massaging the areas affected by fluid accumulation.

Cold and Flu

During pregnancy it is very important to maintain a good immunity. So at this time if you get cold and flu then there are certain essential oils that can be used to treat cold, cough, bacterial and viral infections.

Using 100% pure and natural therapeutic essential oils can be used to address common problems associated with pregnancy. These oils help to prevent medicines and to get a good as well as he

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