Seventh Week – Shows the Progress of First Trimester of Pregnancy

You must be very happy that your pregnancy is progressing and now it’s the seventh week. The growth inside your belly is going on at a rapid speed. Within these seven weeks your embryo has grown up to 10,000 times bigger from the size of a zygote.

You must be eager to know about your baby. So, let me tell you that your baby is as big as a grape. The size of the embryo had doubled from the size of zygote and is approximately of 1 inch i.e. 2.54 cm. This is stated by the American pregnancy association. By this time the tail has vanished and the little one starts developing its organs.

  • It will develop two dark spots that will become eyes.
  • Two holes to be turned out into nostrils.
  • Division of lips and beginning of the tooth buds.

During this week of pregnancy, you will be getting the whole range of symptoms. Here the symptoms are explained.

Nausea – During week 7, the morning sickness gets strong. At this time, you have to remain patient and try to cope up with the symptoms of morning sickness. Some of the women get relief from nausea by eating ginger. This feeling of nausea will get ease by the end of first trimester.

Cravings for food – You might want to eat the same food each and every time or do not want to eat a particular kind of food. Food aversions are a natural way which keeps you away from some harmful foods. It is good to have cravings but you must also keep eating the healthy foods that you will need for your pregnancy.

Feeling thirsty – As the volume of blood in the body increases it makes you feel more thirsty than normal. During this time, you must try to drink eight glasses of water in a day.

Frequent urination – Increase in the water intake and increase in the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone leads to the increase in blood flow towards the pelvis. This causes upsurge in urinating more frequently.  Despite of urge to pee you must not cut your liquid intake, but you must try to avoid carbonated drinks and caffeine.

Breast tenderness – As the breast starts prepping for the production of milk so it develops and the changes in the breasts occurs. It causes tender feeling in the breasts.

Heartburn and indigestion – If you feel that your stomach is burning after eating then it is a sign that you have got heartburn induced due to pregnancy. Avoid eating junk and spicy foods to reduce the trigger of heartburn. Do not drink water together with food to avoid burning of stomach.

By this time when you visit to your gynecologist, she will examine your condition of pregnancy and will suggest you with the guidelines about safe consumption of foods. On the other hand, if you experience any kind of symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, low blood pressure, rectal pain, pelvic pain or any cramps then immediately consult with the doctor as these may lead to loss of pregnancy.

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