Pregnancy Pains and the Tips to Deal with Them

It’s amazing how you’re nurturing another life inside you for a few months! It’s a whole lot of happiness both for you and your family. But, while you’re developing your little one inside you, you’re feeling tired, and swollen. You might even be suffering from a lot of pregnancy pains. Furthermore, pains and woes are some things you can’t deny while you’re embracing motherhood.

But, whom to blame for your pregnancy pains? Blame it on your evolving body, the pressure on the uterus, and those soaring hormones for your pregnancy pains.

Understand the Types of Pains During Pregnancy

From the first trimester to the last, when it comes to pregnancy pains, some of the most common complaints that a mummy-to-be has are:

Leg and Back Pain During Pregnancy

If you’re suffering from painful leg cramps and back aches during pregnancy, then probably you’re not the only person. In the second or third trimester back pains and leg cramps are some of the common symptoms of pregnancy. The increase in the blood volume during pregnancy (reducing the blood circulation), pregnancy weight gain, changing centre of gravity, and adopting a different sort of lifestyle may result in such pregnancy discomforts. 

Tips to Deal With Your Back and Leg Pain

  • Stay active with some stretching exercises, forward bending, back press, etc. to deal with your pregnancy back pain
  • Go for some leg stretches and keep on moving your leg and foot while holding on to something
  • Along with this getting acupuncture done can also be effective for your back pain

Headache During Pregnancy

Headache may be one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes, some of the pregnancy health conditions like pre-eclampsia and hypertension during pregnancy can also be some of the reasons for headaches during pregnancy. It tends to stay with you as you progress with the baby inside you.

Tips to Deal With Your Pregnancy Headache

Going for brisk walking, getting head massages done, practising yoga and meditation, and staying hydrated can help. Apart from this, Visiting the health – practitioner and taking painkillers after taking the doctor’s advice.

Lower Abdomen Pain or Pain in the Groins

You might experience lower belly pain, between the 18th and 24th week, due to the expanding uterus, infection in the urinary tract, and pregnancy- related constipation. Another reason behind the pain in the lower belly could be due to Braxton-Hicks contractions or false labour.

Tips to Deal With Lower Abdomen Pain or Pain in the Groins

Try to understand which areas are painful. Try walking around when you’re feeling the pain. Try noting down the characteristics of contraction in a journal. Don’t forget to inform your partner as well as your healthcare practitioner about it.

Vaginal Pain

As you progress with your pregnancy, the uterus expands to make room for the baby. Constipation during pregnancy and infection in the vagina can be a reason for vaginal pain and burning.

Tips to Deal with Vaginal Pain

Do some Kegel exercises for 10 seconds and repeat them 10 times. Stay hydrated after doing those exercises.


Haemorrhoids are also known as piles during pregnancy. It happens because of the developing foetus, increase in the blood flow, and constipation.

Tips to Deal with Haemorrhoids

If you visit the healthcare practitioner to treat your piles during pregnancy, he or she will give you some ointments. Besides having medicines you can also try out these home remedies:

  • drink plenty of water
  • consume a high-fibre diet,
  • try sitz bath
  • Hold ice packs on the anus and rectum

Breast Pain

You might feel tenderness and pain in the breasts as a result of hormonal changes during your pregnancy – from the first trimester to the last. You’ll feel the pain in the last trimester as you’re preparing to hold your little one in your arms within a few months. Moreover, the milk glands are getting ready to produce the colostrum. 

Tips to Deal With Breast Pain During Your Pregnancy

There is no permanent method to reduce your breast pain during your pregnancy. However, by wearing a support bra and washing the area gently with a pregnancy-safe scrub, you can get some relief from the pain.

Experiencing pains during pregnancy is a common, but with proper medical intervention as well as home remedies you can deal with pregnancy pain challenges. However, if you feel that something is still concerning you, visit your healthcare practitioner immediately.