Learning to Love Your Body During Pregnancy

I have seen many women celebrities from the fashion world who were reigning divas till their forties trying to maintain the same physique even in their fifties and sixties. They cannot even accept gray hair as part of their ageing process and want to be remembered by their adorers in the same frame as they used to be in their twenties. Although they maintain a slim stature, their fingers with more obvious knuckles and nails tell us the real story. We should rather accept what we are and emphasize on looking beautiful at every age with the additions that childbirth and ageing does to your body. I cannot take my eyes off when I look at petite teens below twenties, beautiful pregnant women below forties or women reaching their menopause with half gray hair on their foreheads and the older women with pleasant grays and a shook body.

Body naturally goes on adding weight after childbirth and women start to gradually feel this change. As it is apparent that childbirth transforms a woman, we need to understand the fact that women and men to that matter have to undergo the nature’s ordeal and accept every role. We need not stick ourselves to when we were in ours 20’s and 30’s as if it is the golden age of beauty. Many other women delay pregnancies to look younger for a longer duration of time but their children may be affected with Down’s syndrome and many congenital diseases due to delayed child bearing. Nature has perfection in it and has set every ordeal with extreme perfection. Let us start appreciating nature’s build and flaunt ourselves in every phase.

Many presume pregnancy to be a weight gaining task. It is also a myth that pregnant women need ample rest and should consume loads of food. Women in pregnancy need only an extra 300 to 500 calories towards the third trimester. The tiny soul in your fetus needs very little food but nutritious one. Exercise is recommended throughout the pregnancy. Apart from some heavy tasks not recommended by your caregiver, women are expected to be active as a normal woman does even in pregnancy. Nature has equipped our bodies and birth canal with an amazing elastic property where they go back to normalcy within months post childbirth. Abdominal binders help your belly to get tightened again providing you indulge in sufficient physical activity.

Do not get afraid of gaining in weight in pregnancy as it is very necessary for you and your baby to be safe. Feel that you are entering into another phase of beauty where you look different from what you are now. However, both of the looks are equally adorable as you are with extreme grace mentally. Flaunt every new pound that adds to your body and every new curve that joins your stature to promote you to the life’s crucial role of being a mother. Remember, you may need to continue eating extra calories even after the child birth to accommodate your baby’s feeding needs. Every inch growing on your body would be sure to add that motherly bliss and grace to your personality and you will be loved even more for what you are irrespective of your shape. However, staying healthy and mentally elevated is very essential which is the real beauty to every woman.

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