A Guide To Second Time Moms

Congratulations on being a second time Mom, Baby No 2 is your game changer! Having taken care of one pregnancy, one child, and lots of sleepless nights… Now you are more equipped to handle the whole process all over again. But the experience will not be the same, neither will it be easy. Even though you can now anticipate much of the experience, but with a child to take care of, you will have to reschedule your entire chore in the stipulated time. Your second pregnancy is going to be different from the first one. You will have more weakness and your labor may be much earlier. Here are some tips which you need to know before you start your new journey.

Share The News With Your First Born

Your first child has been the centre of your love and attention till now. It is important to break the news slowly and steadily with her, so that she is mentally prepared to accept and love the new member to come.

Include Your Child in the Process of Your Pregnancy

The new member should not be the reason for you to ignore your first child. Allow your child to be a part of the process. You may start by showing her the ultrasound report and explaining that the tiny dot is her brother or sister. You can also ask her to help take care of you for a change. Like getting you a glass of water or helping you sit comfortably with a pillow behind your back. Consulting her in choosing a name for the new member to come by including her in website searches, rhyming name similar to her and spending quality time would make her feel secure of your love.

Prepare a List of Essentials

You should make a list of the essentials which will be required by you and the second baby. Checking and reusing many of the items you may already have can save a lot of money. E.g. Maternity clothes, nursing bras, baby bottles, baby clothes , pillows, bottle brush, diaper bags etc.

Build your Multitasking Skills

You need to keep your first born busy -buy dough toys, pack and Play toys to keep the child involved. If you are working mom, you may need to explore possible Day care options and Play schools wherein you may keep the kids when you go to work. Two of the common  factors considered while shortlisting Day Care are  consider the Hygiene factor around the place and  and distance from your home to the day care.

A Newborn Cot Would Come in Handy

Plan a carrier for your new born; it is never advisable to keep both the babies in the same bed. It is better to buy a baby cot for the new born and keep the toddler with you in bed.

D-Day Carry Over Bag of Essentials

It is not just for you but also your child. The night before going to the hospital prepare your bag as well as a bag for the toddler as required for him for next few days. The toddlers bags would contain diapers, change of clothes, food, and especially some toys to keep them occupied.

Gift Your Elder Child

As soon as you bring home your second baby, present a gift to the older one saying ‘a gift from the new brother’. Let your first born hear you tell the second baby “I am coming later as I am with my first born now”. Make your first born feel special.

Keep these little tips in mind and your second pregnancy would be a smooth sail. Remember, the happier and stress-free you are, the happier will be the kids as well. Enjoy your second motherhood and make it an unforgettable experience for your first child as well.

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