Pre Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips

Holi, the most vibrant and colourful festival in India is just around the corner. A perfect time to have fun  and some colourplay with friends and family . Amongst all the fun, additional precautions need to be taken by moms to avoid any harm to your children as well as yourselves. Would-be-moms need to be extra careful while dealing with colours. Exposure to harmful chemicals, water and consistent sunlight might not only cause damage and tanning, but also have some long term undesirable side effects, which could take some time to heal if not taken care of early.  A few tips that would help you take necessary precautions for your family without diminishing the joy of the festival.

wishing a safe holi 2020 WITH full fun & frolic from codlife with some skincare & haifcare tips

Pre Holi Skin CARE Tips

  • Apply a mixture of Almond & Coconut Oil not only to your face but also entire body, before you step out. Do not forget to apply an extra layer of Almond Oil beneath your eyes. The Oil not only protects the skin from harmful effects of colour but also ensures easy removal of colours post play.
  • Apply Sunscreen with high SPF 30 to add a second level of protection to your skin and act as a barrier from the possible effects of long term exposure to Sun.
  • Colours make the skin dry. Apply a lip balm or Vaseline to keep them moist and protect from direct contact of harsh chemicals.
  • Do not forget to give an extra base coat of nail polish.
  • Drink & Hydrate yourself with water and juice since harsh chemicals dehydrate your skin, as they penetrate deep to your Skin.
  • Choose herbal and organic colours which are devoid of any toxins or harmful substances

Wear Sunglasses to add some style and at the same time protect your eyes from the sunlight and colours.

Pre Holi Hair CARE Tips

  • Do not shampoo the day before Holi, such that your natural hair oil is retained.
  • Massage your hair well the night before Holi. Apply Almond & Coconut Oil or any suitable hair oil, evenly. The Oil will help prevent the harmful colors from seeping in and also help you get rid of harsh colours, later.
  • Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the oil and preheating before applying, helps shield your scalp against any infections.
  • Do not keep your hair open and play Holi. It is advisable to make a bun or tight ponytail to protect your hair from the effects of the harsh chemicals.


Special Precautions for Would-be-Moms

  • Avoid going to crowded places. You may get hurt in the crowd or even have trouble breathing in such places.
  • Avoid playing in areas with water. It may be of high risk to you. While playing Holi with water, the ground gets slippery and may cause you to slip accidentally. So you need to be extra careful and stay away from such places. And you may also catch a cold. Aatchuuuu….
  • Avoid any outside food or drinks. Usually Holi is celebrated in most complexes or societies and serve deep fried foods, ladoos, lassis etc. Many a times, substances like bhang is added, which is well known during Holi. But it is important to know that such components can cross the placenta and reach the baby in the womb and are not known to be safe for the baby. Would-be-moms suffering from gestational diabetes or overweight should especially avoid holi sweets completely. In case you are unable to control the temptation, you may have healthy snacking options in your kitchen.
  • Play minimally that too with organic colours. You may make your own colours with flower petals, vegetable juice and avoid playing with chemical colours. The chemical substances in synthetic colours may cause harm, so it is better to avoid them altogether.

Play Holi. Have Fun. Be Safe.

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